Workouts With Coaching - Volume 8

Cardio Coach Volume 8 Sample

Cardio Coach™ Volume 8 MP3 Download - $14.95

Join Sean as this workout begins on the white sandy beaches of the Mediterranean. The music delivers a gradual rise in energy as you build gradually in to the first challenge. Volume 8 stands out with the 2nd challenge where you will be pushed to your edge as you take on two 8 min fast paced treks. Talk about an adrenaline rush!


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  • Voice of Cardio Coach™ Sean O'Malley
  • Music: Todd Washburn
  • Music Genre: Trance / Enigma
  • Total Time: 1:07:34 (includes stretch track)
  • File Size : 92.7 MB
  • Challenge 1 - 3:00 to reach level 3 | 2:00 level 3 hill | 1:30 finish @ level 4
  • Challenge 2 - (2) level 3 8:00 treks | 2:00 recovery between
  • Challenge 3 - 4:00 level 3 hill | 2:00 recovery | 3:00 level 3 hill | 1:00 recovery | 2:00 level 3 hill | :30 recovery | 1:00 level 4 hill

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Track Time
1. 5:28
Warm up - Brief warm-up to prepare you for the challenges ahead. Unlike Candace's version, V6 Sean style moves right into the first challenge. Level 1 exertion - zone 1 heart rate working to reach level 2.
2. 21:01
Challenge 1 - Make way for a quick transition. As soon as the warm up is over, Sean will direct you to get on cadence and begin your first of 4 climbs. You will have 3 minutes to reach your orange zone heart rate, so do it steadily. Once you reach the 3 minute mark, you will climb at a level 3 for 2 solid minutes. Be mindful of the level 3/4 sprint at the top of the hill. The road will flatten out and it's off to the races as you finish the first interval with a level 3 or 4 sprint for one minute. Take the 2 minute break and get ready for 3 more just like the first!
3. 3:37
Brief rest / Steady - If you didn't notice, the first challenge is 21 minutes and if you do it right, your heart rate should average 85% for more than a third of the challenge. That means, it's time now to get your rest. Jump into a level 2 effort when you are ready.
4. 9:47
Challenge 2 - Now that you are rested up, it's time to hit challenge 2. In this challenge you will be asked to sprint at a level 3 effort for a 1:1 work to rest ratio. That's 1 minute work and 1 minute rest. You have 5 sprints in the challenge.
5. 3:04
Steady 2 - Take it back to a level 2 and find your green zone heart rate.
6. 16:12
Challenge 3 - Challenge 3 is short and sweet. It starts off with a level 2 climb for one minute and moves into a level 3 climb for two minutes. Just when your heart rate peaks in the orange zone and you are feeling the effects of your anaerobic threshold, the mountain spikes straight up to a level 4 for the remaining minute. Dig in!
7. 4:01
Cool down - Now that the hard part is over, it's time to enjoy the thought of knowing you've made it through a tough workout. Level 1 exertion and zone 1 heart rate.
8. 6:42
Stretch - Join Sean for a full body stretch