Workouts With Coaching - Volume 7

Cardio Coach Volume 7 Sample

Cardio Coach™ Volume 7 MP3 Download - $14.95

Join Sean for an all new adventure in Cardio Coach Volume 7 where you will hit the road running in this fast paced workout. Designed with a higher tempo, Volume 7 was created with the jogger/runner in mind but like all Cardio Coach™ workouts, it is perfect for any exercise equipment. What really stands out in this new workout is the 21 minute first challenge. One of Todd's best musical efforts will deliver a strong and driving piece that will turn minutes into seconds.


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  • Voice of Cardio Coach™ Sean O'Malley
  • Music: Todd Washburn
  • Music Genre: Trance / Enigma / Cinematic
  • Total Time: 1hr : 13min : 46sec
  • Designed for: Intermediate to advanced
  • Challenge 1 - (4) 3:00 level 3 treks (fast hill) | 3:00 recovery @ level 2 between each
  • Challenge 2 - (10) 1:00 level 3 intervals (alternate hill/sprint) | :30 recovery
  • Challenge 3 - 4:00 level 3 trek

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Warm up - Brief warm-up to get the blood flowing. Blue Zone - Level 1
Steady - Be prepared to move quickly from the warm up into the first steady and start getting ready for the first challenge. Aiming for Level 2 - Green Zone
Challenge 1 - Ready for a little something different? Well, challenge 1 will certainly provide that. This challenge was designed with one thing in mind; Balance. Challenge 1 provides a stretch of road where you will alternate between level 3 and level 2 effort. Each interval is 3 minutes in length until you've reached the 4th and final part of the challenge. In conclusion, challenge 1 provides 4 level 3 treks that are each separated by level 2 efforts for 3 minutes. Do your best to keep heart rate between 75% and 85% of max heart rate for the entire 21 minutes.
Steady 2- You worked hard and steady for 21 minutes.. it's time now to get your rest. If you need a level 1 for a brief few moments, take it and jump into a level 2 effort when you are ready.
Challenge 2 - This challenge is one of the toughest ever created in the Cardio Coach™ workout series. In this challenge track, you will be faced with 10 level 3 high intensity intervals with only a 30 second rest between each. The 10 intervals will alternate between a level 3 hill and a level 3 sprint. Be careful to stay within your Orange Zone heart rate limits or your Level 3 exertion because there's still a third challenge in the workout!
Steady 3 - Take it back to a level 2 and find your green zone heart rate.
Challenge 3 - In our next challenge, we will take on a 4 minute stretch of road that will put your survival instincts to the test. With a mixture of speed and resistance, find your level 3 effort and hang onto it. To maintain your level 3 effort, adjust your resistance throughout the 4 minutes while working to keep your speed.  The last minute will most likely bring you in to your level 4 effort. Chase? Or be chased?
Cool down - Now that the hard part is over, it's time to enjoy the thought of knowing you've made it through a tough workout. Level 1 exertion and start working to reach zone 1 heart rate.
Stretch - Join Sean for a full body stretch & extra meditation / quiet time