Workouts With Just Music - Volume 6

Cardio Coach Volume 6 Sample

Cardio Coach™ Volume 6 Just Music MP3 Download - $9.95

In Volume 6 team up with Sean & Todd as you find your outer limits and build strength through resistance. The challenges in this volume will most certainly test your ability to push through just when you thought you had no more!


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  • Music: Todd Washburn
  • Music Genre: Trance / Enigma / Cinematic
  • Total Time: 58:10
  • Designed for: Intermediate to advanced
  • Challenge 1 - 3:00 to reach orange zone | 2:00 level 3 hill | 1:00 level 3 (or 4) sprint | 2:00 recovery | repeat 3x
  • Challenge 2 - (5) 1:00 level 3 sprints | 1:00 recover
  • Challenge 3 - 1:00 level 2 hill | 2:00 level 3 hill | 1:00 level 4 hill

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Track Time
1. 5:28
Warm up - Brief warm-up to prepare you for the challenges ahead. Unlike Candace's version, V6 Sean style moves right into the first challenge. Level 1 exertion - zone 1 heart rate working to reach level 2.
2. 21:01
Challenge 1 - Make way for a quick transition. As soon as the warm up is over, Sean will direct you to get on cadence and begin your first of 4 climbs. You will have 3 minutes to reach your orange zone heart rate, so do it steadily. Once you reach the 3 minute mark, you will climb at a level 3 for 2 solid minutes. Be mindful of the level 3/4 sprint at the top of the hill. The road will flatten out and it's off to the races as you finish the first interval with a level 3 or 4 sprint for one minute. Take the 2 minute break and get ready for 3 more just like the first!
3. 3:37
Brief rest / Steady - If you didn't notice, the first challenge is 21 minutes and if you do it right, your heart rate should average 85% for more than a third of the challenge. That means, it's time now to get your rest. Jump into a level 2 effort when you are ready.
4. 9:47
Challenge 2 - Now that you are rested up, it's time to hit challenge 2. In this challenge you will be asked to sprint at a level 3 effort for a 1:1 work to rest ratio. That's 1 minute work and 1 minute rest. You have 5 sprints in the challenge.
5. 3:04
Steady 2 - Take it back to a level 2 and find your green zone heart rate.
6. 16:12
Challenge 3 - Challenge 3 is short and sweet. It starts off with a level 2 climb for one minute and moves into a level 3 climb for two minutes. Just when your heart rate peaks in the orange zone and you are feeling the effects of your anaerobic threshold, the mountain spikes straight up to a level 4 for the remaining minute. Dig in!
7. 4:01
Cool down - Now that the hard part is over, it's time to enjoy the thought of knowing you've made it through a tough workout. Level 1 exertion and zone 1 heart rate.
8. 6:42
Stretch - Join Sean for a full body stretch