Workouts With Just Music - Volume 5

Cardio Coach Volume 5 Sample

Cardio Coach™ Volume 5 Just Music MP3 Download - $9.95

In Volume 5, you’ll take an expedition through the Serengeti where you’ll put both your mind and your body to the test with three intense, metabolism-boosting challenges. Visualize the heat, the power and the battle as you discover your inner strength and test your limits. Whether you decide to be the lion or the gazelle, one thing is for sure: you’ll welcome the relaxing and invigorating cool down performed by award-winning singer Carolyn Arends.


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  • Music: Todd Washburn
  • Music Genre: Trance / Enigma
  • Total Time: 1:03:31 (includes stretch track)
  • Designed for: Intermediate to advanced
  • Challenge 1 - (3) 4:00 level 3 hills | 2:00 recovery
  • Challenge 2 - (6) 1:00 level 3 sprints | :30 recovery
  • Challenge 3 -  (4) :30 level 3 treks (fast hill) | 1:30 recovery

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Track Time
1. (1:34)
Intro - Brief introduction that can be skipped after the first time listening.
2. (4:49)
Warm-up - During the warm-up you will be asked to find a speed and resistance setting that is equal to your Level 1 exertion. At no time during the warm-up should your heart rate exceed your zone 1 percentage in addition, there should not be any burning sensation in your muscles. Your breathing should be controlled and comfortable.3. Steady State One.
3. (8:15)
Challenge One - In Challenge 1, you are faced with a variety of intervals. We start if off with a 2:00 minute Level 3 sprint followed with :30 seconds of rest. Next, we climb a 2:00 Level 3 hill, again, followed with :30 seconds of rest. To finish off challenge 1, we have a 2:00 Level 3 sprint. Did you have your Wheaties?
4. (2:49)
Steady State 1 - Use this time to recapture your energy.. you're going to need it.
5. (7:56)
Challenge 2 - This challenge starts off with a 1:00 Level 3 hill climb that moves into a Level 4 climb for 1:00. Your rest is 30 seconds and we've got 2 more mountains just like the first!
6. (2:47)
Steady State 2 - For advanced participants, too long of a rest should not be needed. Jump back to your level 2 exertion setting when you are rested up and get ready for the next challenge. Level 2 exertion & zone 2 heart rate.
7. (11:00)
Challenge 3 - The 3rd challenge is optional in the Volume 4 workout and is designed for more advanced participants. Those who are seeking the challenge will faced with a 3:00 minute Level 3 climb to start. At the top, take a 1:00 rest and prepare for an all out Level 4 sprint for :45 seconds. After the rest, prepare for 2 minute level 3 climb followed by a 2 minute rest. The last sprint interval of the challenge is a Level 4 all out sprint for 1:00.
8. (4:02)
Steady State 3 - This phase is designed for recovery after the 2nd challenge. Once recovered, jump back into your level 2 steady state phase and start winding down for the cool down and stretch.
9. (3:09)
Cool Down - Equally the most important phase of the workout! Make sure that you have recovered from the final challenge before getting off your exercise equipment.
10. (6:17)
11. (6:00)
Coach's Notes - Each Volume of the Guided Workout Series will contain a special word from your Cardio Coach™.