Workouts With Just Music - Volume 3

Cardio Coach Volume 3 Sample

Cardio Coach™ Volume 3 Just Music MP3 Download - $9.95

Set your pace to the beat in Volume 3 of the Guided Workout Series and see just how many calories melt away. With three tough challenges, you’ll wonder how you can work so hard, yet feel so good.


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  • Music: Todd Washburn
  • Music Genre: Dance
  • Total Play Time: 45:13 (includes stretch track)
  • Designed for: All Fitness Levels
  • Best Equipment: Stationary bikes, treadmill, cross-trainers, ellipticals, steppers & rowers
  • Coaches Notes:
  • Challenge 1 - (6) :30 level 3 sprints | :30 recovery
  • Challenge 2 - (see full description in table)
  • Challenge 3 - (4) :10 level 4 sprints | :30 recovery

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Track Time
1. 7:59
Warm-up & 1st Steady State - During the warm-up you will be asked to find a speed and resistance setting that is equal to your Level 1 exertion. During the warm-up your heart rate should not exceed your zone 1 percentage. In addition, there should not be any burning sensation in your muscles. Your breathing should be controlled and comfortable. At around 4:30, you will be asked to bump up your exertion to a level 2 or green zone heart rate (75% of max).
2. 6:02
Challenge 1 - In the 1st Challenge, you will be faced with 6 level 3 sprints. Each sprint is 30 seconds in length with a 30 second break in-between at level 2. Your heart rate should not exceed 85% of your max heart rate during the entire challenge or your orange zone.
3. 10:10
Challenge 2 - You'll have a brief rest at the beginning of challenge 2 but get ready because the leg burning, gut wrenching hills are coming up quick. In Challenge 2, you'll be faced with two tough gradual exertion building hills. In hill one, you will be asked to set your speed and resistance to reach a level 3 exertion by the time you reached the end of the first minute. At the beginning of the second minute, your goal is to maintain your orange zone heart rate for an entire minute (do not exceed it!). For the last minute of the 1st hill, your goal will be to reach the red zone (for advanced participants only) or a level 4 exertion. After the first hill, you will have a minute rest before you begin hill 2 which is the same as the first.. but with this one, you'll know what to expect! For those of you feeling spunky, repeat challenge 2 for a longer workout.
4. 3:10
Steady State 2 - If this level 2 green zone phase isn't welcomed by you, than you may consider adjusting your settings on challenge 2 for your next workout! Get ready for the 3rd and final challenge! Set it on steady state and....
5. 2:56
Challenge 3 - Last chance to work! In this challenge, you will be faced with 4 level 4 sprints. Each sprint is 10 seconds in length, so you'll have to be quick with your fingers. Treadmill users should be especially ready and may consider stepping on the side rails during the rest periods. There is a 30 second break in-between each sprint but be aware of a few surprises thrown in by Todd Washburn, the composer and creator of the music in Vol. 3. He obviously thought that there would be a chance you'd want a few surprises! Take notice that your exertion level will definitely reach level 4 but your heart rate may not. This is due to the short sprints.
6. 4:30
Ending Steady - While you are free to do what you want in any Cardio CoachTM Guided Workout, it is highly recommended that you follow the program because of the intense nature of the workout structure. Use this final steady state period to bring your heart and body back down to safe levels before you begin the cool down. Advanced participants may wish to use this last period to exercise into their orange zone. Just make sure if you do take that route that you take the time to cool down!
7. 5:01
Steady State 3 - Cool Down - Ahhhhh. Nothing like the feeling of reaching the cool down. This is a great time to drink a bunch of water! Use this time to get your heart rate back into the blue zone. Regain your breath and allow your muscles to regain some energy before you stop the workout. Level 1, blue zone.
8. 5:32
Stretch - If you were not already aware... stretching is one of the components of fitness! Find a safe spot on the floor with plenty of room and let Sean guide you through a brief stretch to continue the cool down
9. 4:20
Coach's Notes - Hear it straight from your Coach's mouth.