Workouts With Coaching - Volume 2

Cardio Coach Volume 2 Sample

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In Volume 2 (Revised) of the Cardio Coach™ Guided Workout Series, you'll set your sights for the top of three challenges that will leave your muscles burning and your mind wanting more. The workout may fly by, but it delivers quite a punch!



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  • Your Coach : Sean O'Malley
  • Music by: Todd Washburn
  • Music Genre: Dance / World
  • Total Time: 39:12
  • Best Equipment: Stationary bikes, treadmill, cross-trainers, ellipticals, steppers & rowers
  • Coaches Notes: Intervals are slightly longer in Vol. 2 Revised, making it suitable for the treadmill more so than Vol. 1. Cardio Coach™ fanatics have rated the Vol.2 revised workout the "favorite" because of the revised music and challenges. You can make modifications for outdoor walking/running by doing walking lunges for hill climbs etc.
  • Challenge 1 - (4) level 3 1:00 hills | 1:00 recovery
  • Challenge 2 - 3:00 level 3 hill climb | :15 recovery  | 3:00 level 3 sprint
  • Challenge 3 - (4) level 4  :45 treks (fast hill) | 1:00 recovery

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Track Time
1. 1:52
Intro - Brief introduction that can be skipped after the first time listening.
2. 4:13
Warm-up - During the warm-up you will be asked to find a speed and resistance setting that is equal to your Level 1 exertion and will be responsible for gradually increasing your effort until you reach a level 2 effort or green zone heart rate before the beginning of the first challenge.
3. 7:49
Challenge 1 - In challenge 1, set your sights for 4, level 3 hill climbs. Each hill is one minute in length with a 1 minute recovery.
4. 8:24
Challenge 2 - The first 1:50 of this challenge gives you a quick level 1 or level 2 recovery. Then, it's onward and upward with a level 3 hill climb for 3 minutes. You will have a second brief rest once at the top but the challenge isn't over. Prepare for a 3 minute level 3 sprint as you zoom down the mountain.
5. 3:18
Steady State/Rest - This phase is designed for recovery after the 2nd challenge. Once recovered, jump back into your level 2 steady state phase and get ready for the final challenge.
6. 8:39
Challenge 3 - The 3rd challenge is optional in the Volume 2 workout and is designed for more advanced participants. Those who are seeking the challenge will be faced with 4 Level 4 fast paced hill climbs. Each hill is 45 seconds in length with a 1 minute rest in between. Both your speed and resistance settings will help you achieve close to your Level 4 effort. Heart rate should stay in the orange zone for most of the challenge and depending on how hard you work, you may just see some red zone numbers.
7. 4:59
Cool Down - Equally the most important phase of the workout! Make sure that you have recovered from the final challenge before getting off your exercise equipment.
8. 4:58
Coach's Notes - Each Volume of the Guided Workout Series will contain a special word from your Cardio Coach™.