Workouts Just Music- Volume 1

Cardio Coach Volume 1 Instrumental  Sample

Cardio Coach™ Volume 1 Instrumental MP3 Download - $9.95

Discover the magic of Cardio Coach™ in the first workout of the Guided Workout Series as your Coach leads you through two fun, fast-paced challenges. Show your spunk with the optional third challenge or call it day and head straight to the refreshing cool down. Either way, the workout will leave you with a higher metabolism and those feel good endorphins.


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  • Your Coach : None
  • Music: Todd Washburn
  • Music Genre: Trance / Enigma / world beat / cinematic
  • Total Workout Time: 35:29
  • Best Equipment: Stationary bikes, treadmill, cross-trainers, ellipticals, steppers & rowers
  • Challenge 1 - (6) :20 level 3 hills | :40 recovery
  • Challenge 2 - (3) 1:00 level 3 sprints | 1:00 recovery
  • Challenge 3 - 3:00 level 3 trek (fast climb) + :20 level 4 effort to finish
  • Coaches Notes: Because of the shorter intervals in Volume 1 Revised, this workout is best suited for exercise equipment that can change speed/resistance quickly. You can make modifications for outdoor walking/running by doing walking lunges for hill climbs etc.


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Track Time
1. 5:00
Warm up - Brief warm-up to prepare you for the challenges ahead. Level 1 exertion - zone 1 heart rate.
2. 4:15
Steady State 1 - Level 2 exertion - working to reach zone 2 heart rate.
3. 6:00
Challenge 1 - Challenge 1 consists of 6 - 20 second level 3 hills with 40 seconds rest in between. Heart rate should reach the upper limits of zone 3. After the last hill, your coach will give you a little rest and bring you back to a steady pace.
4. 1:48
Brief rest / steady
5. 5:43
Challenge 2 - Challenge 2 contains 3 level 3 sprints. Each sprint is one minute in length with a one minute rest. Set your resistance and speed to your level 3 perceived effort and get ready for a series of tough sprints. Your heart rate should reach the upper limits of zone 3 for the challenge.
6. 4:28
Steady State 2 - Before you begin cooling down, your coach will lead you into a 2nd and final steady state. Find your Level 2 exertion and focus on getting your heart rate back to your zone 2 lower limits.
7. 3:43
Challenge 3 - This final challenge is optional. If you choose to take it on, get ready for a 3:00 level 3 trek (fast hill) with a :20 level 4 effort to finish.
8. 4:33
Cool down - Now that the hard part is over, it's time to enjoy the thought of knowing you've made it through a tough workout. Level 1 exertion and zone 1 heart rate.
9. 4:31
Coach's Notes - Ending Word from your coach - Need a little more inspiration? Sean will briefly go over his experience and why the Guided Workout Series may be just the thing you've been missing.