Support - Quick Start / Exercise Equipment

This support page covers the technical aspects of USING Cardio Coach™. For support on technical aspects of downloading, extracting and importing, click here

Exercise Equipment

As long as you can change your speed, resistance or incline on your choice of stationary exercise equipment, you can use your Cardio Coach™ Guided Workouts! (and yes.. you can also use them while running or jogging!)In the Cardio Coach™ Guided Workout Series, you should have a basic understanding of how to use your stationary exercise equipment. Before you start you should know the basics such as:

  • How to set your equipment on "Manual Mode"
  • How to properly adjust personalized settings (seat, height, etc.)
  • How to increase/decrease speed, resistance, level or incline

Below are some of the more popular types of exercise machines:

Cardio CoachRecumbent Bikes

These machines have a more comfortable seat with back support. If foot straps are provided, using a recumbent bike will require slightly more effort from the hamstring muscles and glutes. Most newer models of stationary bikes provide a touch grip heart rate monitor or heart rate chip that will read heart rate during exercise. Because your body weight is supported by the bike seat, more emphasis will be placed on your leg muscles, requiring you to work harder to get your heart rate up. Adjustments to speed and resistance are immediate, making recumbent bikes a great choice for the Cardio Coach™ Workout CD! (NOTE: heart rate readings can be lower because of your leg position by as much as 10-20 BPM!)


Cardio CoachUpright Bikes

There are a few different options in this category. Most Health Clubs provide a higher quality stationary cycle that uses an electromagnet to change resistance. This type of stationary cycle is the best kind for The CardioCoach ™ Guided workout. You can change your speed or resistance without any delay. Again, because you are supported by the bike seat, more emphasis is placed on the major muscles of the legs and you will have to work harder to increase heart rate. Other types of stationary bikes include ergometer and wind resistance such as the SCHWINN Aerodyne. The ergometer uses a friction resistance such as brake pads or a strap that tightens on the wheel. The Aerodyne uses wind resistance and commonly combines upper body movement (handles) with lower body. You will not be able to adjust tension or resistance on a wind ergometer bike. If you are in the market for purchasing a stationary bike, your best option will be a higher quality electro magnetic upright or recumbent bike. Life Fitness, Precor, and Star Trek are the top bikes.



Cardio CoachElliptical Trainers

Trainers have become very popular over the years. They simulate an elliptical style movement similar to walking or running, but without the impact of walking or jogging. Because you are not lifting your feet, less work is required from the legs than if you were to walk or run on a treadmill. You can, however, increase or decrease the amount of resistance. Most ellipticals also have a ramp that allows you to increase or decrease the angle of inclination. This does not necessarily increase or decrease your effort, but instead it will target different muscles.


Cardio CoachCross-Trainers

These machines allow for effort from both the upper and lower body. There are several different types of cross-trainers and most of them are very compatible with the Cardio Coach™ workouts. The user is able to adjust both the speed and resistance with an immediate response time. This makes the cross-trainer a perfect choice for The Cardio Coach™ Workout CD.




Cardio CoachTreadmills

These are the most common type of equipment found in American homes today. They simulate a very familiar motion: walking, jogging or running. Most treadmills on the market are equipped with a flexible walking deck that reduces the amount of impact an exerciser will receive on their joints. This is a very helpful feature that will contribute to a more enjoyable overall experience.


Features that you may want to look for include:

  • Flexible walking deck
  • Heart Rate compatible; either [it] has the ability to read from a specialized heart rate strap or includes metal conductors on the hand rails.
  • Emergency stop button
  • Pre-programmed workout routines (interval, manual, hills, etc.)
  • Light weight, quiet and durable design
  • Life time warranty

Because you will be increasing and decreasing your settings manually while exercising to Cardio Coach™ , it is very important that you are familiar with the equipment's console and know how to change your speed and incline.