This support page covers the technical aspects of downloading, extracting and importing files. For help on using Cardio Coach™ on your chosen equipment, please click here for the Quick Start Guide.

If you are experiencing problems with the web site or shopping cart, and you let us know, we'll send you a free download!

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For immediate solutions please check the topics below to solve the most common issues.  If your issue is not covered, please contact us at support(@)

Shopping Tutorial

This YouTube video tutorial will briefly show you the process of adding items to the cart, entering coupon codes and using PayPal to checkout.

*Please note the video screenshots are of a previous website design although the process and cart are still the same.


This YouTube video tutorial will show you how to download the Cardio Coach™ compressed files and how to extract them.



iTunes tutorial

This YouTube video tutorial will guide you through the process of extracting files and adding them to your iTunes library.



Common Issues & Solutions

I have not received an e-mail with links to download my purchase

When you purchase an MP3 from the Cardio Coach™ Proshop, an e-mail is automatically generated and sent to the e-mail address provided by you during checkout. Since the e-mail is automatically generated, some ISP providers will treat it as spam. PLEASE check your spam filter first if you have not received the e-mail within 5 minutes of your purchase. If it is not in your spam folder, please use the contact form to submit a request to have a new e-mail sent to you.

When I click on the link in my e-mail, nothing happens

Some mail programs automatically turn off links in e-mail or are protected in other ways. 9 out of 10 times in this situation, clicking on the link while depressing the control key on your keyboard will successfully activate the link. If this does not work, please use the contact form and we will help you resolve your issue ASAP

I clicked on the download link too many times and get an error page

Our software for providing MP3 downloads goes by the amount of times a link is clicked, not how many times the files are downloaded. If you click on a link and immediately cancel the process, it counts as a click. To protect our company from illegal file distribution, we must limit the amount of times the link can be accessed. We have the ability to track every ISP address that accesses a link and reserve the right to charge customers for multiple downloads from multiple IP addresses. If you are using a download manager on your computer, you will need to turn it off to download the files. Once you purchase a MP3 download from our Proshop, you will never have to pay for it again if you lose it from a computer crash or accidental deletion. Please use the contact form if you need to have your link reset.

I was able to download the MP3 but I don't know where it is

If you accidentally clicked on "open" instead of "save", your browser will store the files in your temp folder. In addition, if the setting on your download prompt is set to "close this dialog box when finished downloading" and you forgot where you saved the file, the fastest way to find it is to click on the link again to see where it was saved (do not download the file again). The other option is to use your "search" feature.

The files are not showing up in my music software library

Depending on what music software you use, you will most likely have to manually add the MP3 files to your library (after you extract them). Below are links to the 3 most popular music software companies on adding files to your library. Since iTunes is the most popular, use the above video for help.

Windows Media Player  iTunes  |  Music Match Jukebox

How do I unzip or extract?

If you are using Windows XP or Vista, you do not need any additional software to unzip (extract) the MP3 files. Most operating systems other than Windows have a built-in utility to unzip or extract files. The most popular and a free decompression software is WinZip for PC's and ZIP IT for MAC's. Each can be downloaded from their website. Both software's are very popular software and are very user friendly. You will not need to purchase any software to extract the Cardio Coach workout files.

When I am unzipping my file I get an error that says "The files are corrupt or invalid"

Got a damaged zip file? No Problem. Just follow the steps below

A damaged file will say something like this, when you try to unzip…
“The compressed folder contains “no file” or “The files are corrupt”

This error message is not explained on the Winzip website however some cyber geeks have explained that this error is most likely due to one of two problems. Problem #1 is from a limited amount of bandwidth from your computer to the server. When you try to squeeze a lot of information through your allotted bandwidth, static can occur and errors are made in the download process. Problem #2 is that when you try to unzip the folder, you have a limited amount of space on you hard drive temp folder. When you think about it, a zip folder can be compared to a trash compactor. The process of compressing files into a zip folder is like stuffing all the information into a small place. When the folder is opened, there has to be enough space in the location it is being de-compressed or else it will stall out.


Problem #1 – Even if you are using DSL or high speed internet access, it does not mean that your particular connection is running at a high speed (bandwidth). Several DSL companies advertise big numbers but what they don’t tell you is that you are sharing that connection with your neighbors. To check your internet connection speed, you can use the CNET website to do a test for free. The solution to this is to limit the amount of information you are downloading and to stop surfing the internet while it is downloading. This will help free up the bandwidth and allow a smoother download.

Problem #2 – If you do not run any kind of maintenance on your computer, it is highly likely that you have an over abundance of ‘junk’ files in your temp folder. There are settings in your browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari etc.) that will allow you to configure how much space is allowed before it is cleared out. The easiest solution is to run a disk cleanup utility to clear out unwanted files and make room for new files. Keep in mind, each Cardio Coach™ workout is over 40mb in size. These are large files!