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OK Weekly

"This week, we're loving Don't give up on your New Year's resolution! Get back into your workout with a custom mp3 mix complete with inspiration from trainer Sean O'Malley from this cool site."


"Audio workouts from trainer, Sean O'Malley will have you fit in no time."

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"It sounds like the soundtrack to Rocky"




"Kudos to Cardio Coach™ (by far our favorite site, despite only offering cardio routines) for their live free preview features that help you figure out which workout is good for you. And, Cardio Coach's trainer is motivational as he prompts you to bump up the speed.."

Living In Style

"Inspirational talk that makes you feel like a champion!"





"Will motivate you to get your pulse racing"

Readers Digest

Audio workouts from Cardio Coach trainer Sean O'Malley will have you fit in no time"


"Get a trainer led cardio workout for $15 at Having an instructor talk you through each session is worth it. Self says: A"