Customer Reviews

Since 2002, when Cardio Coach sold its first workout, we have been blessed by the gracious feedback and support we have received from our customers. One of our main databases was hacked and we had to disable our guestbook. To all those customers who took the time to write us and are not represented on this page, we are working towards getting your reviews back up.

Meet A Few Cardio Coach™ Fans


Meet Rob

Dear Sean,

I want to thank you for your Cardio Coach workouts. I have never enjoyed cardio workouts until I stumbled upon your site and tried that first one. I have since bought all six of your workouts and they have helped me reach a milestone – 100 pounds of fat incinerated from my body! I have been fat my entire life and many members of my family are also heavy.

Long ago, I accepted the fact that I would always be fat. So, what made me finally decide to get lean? A random act of violence. In November of 2003, I was robbed at gunpoint in my apartment. Two men broke in and one held a visiting friend and me face down on the floor, grinding his gun into the back of our heads while the other completely ransacked the place for nearly thirty minutes. They were so angry and violent that I am actually surprised neither of us was killed. Thankfully, neither of us was physically hurt. I immediately moved into my parent’s basement and went through a serious bout of depression. I don’t care about the physical things they took from me. The most valuable things they took from me were my sense of security and my perceived control of my life. I was 35 years old and felt as though my life was over. I did not have a good night’s sleep for many months and would spend most of my time lying on the couch eating Cheez-Its (yes, that big box from Costco in one weekend) and watching television. In January of 2005 something in me snapped.

I felt that I had to either regain control of my entire life or commit myself to an institution. I decided that if I could control my weight, I could get back control of every aspect of my life. The following month I moved into a duplex with a friend (just a few blocks from my parents). Being raised Catholic and with Lent approaching, I decided to go onto the Atkins Diet for Lent. I hated it! My digestive tract could not decide if it was going to be on pause or fast-forward. I suffered through it and was never so happy to see Lent end. Frustrated with Atkins, but happy with my slightly smaller waist, I progressed to the South Beach Diet. I was hungry the entire time and this only lasted a few weeks.

I then spent some time doing research and trying different things. Then in June of 2005, I stumbled upon Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program at I was intrigued but wasn't’t willing to fork over the cash for yet another book that wouldn’t work for me. I found Tom’s e-book book on an online auction for $9 and I bought it (I have since purchased the ‘official’ program). Last July I set goals, re-engineered my nutrition and bought a recumbent bike, smith machine, dumbbells and free-weights. I transformed my basement into a gym and began the program. I am very visually oriented so I made six-foot tall goal posters. I made a cube out of cardboard the size of one pound of fat and placed it on top of the refrigerator to remind me to get healthy snacks. I put a TV and DVD player in front of the bike and a sign on the TV upstairs that said “Get Off Your Ass, Get On The Bike!” Even slow, steady pedaling is better than no pedaling. I made custom wallpapers and screen savers so my computer at work and even my cell phone would remind me of my goals. Most importantly, I enlisted a few friends to randomly call me once a week to encourage me. I created Excel spreadsheets to calculate my TDEE, create a diet from it and to track my progress. I not only met my initial goals, I exceeded them! A few months ago, I hit a plateau, could not get my body to burn any more fat, and became extremely frustrated.

Sean, your Cardio Coach workouts have helped me to re-focus my efforts and reach the 100 pounds of fat lost milestone! I wish I had discovered your site months ago! I am 6 foot 6 and fifteen months ago I weighed over 312 pounds and was wearing pants with a 50-inch waist – with my gut hanging over. I am now under 220 pounds and wearing a very comfortable 36-inch pant – 34s are in my sights! I am nearly 17 gallons smaller than I was a year ago and leaner than I ever remember being! In the past fifteen months I have added ten pounds of lean mass and burned over one hundred pounds of fat! Most importantly, I have a confidence I never believed I could have. I am happier than I’ve ever been in my life. I have never been more spiritually at peace. I can barely hold back the tears while I write this. I feel as though my life is mine again - and more. I feel at least twenty years younger.

Yes, I feel younger than I did in college! People who haven’t seen me in a while don’t recognize me. Sometimes I don’t even recognize me. That is not entirely true – I recognize the person who had been hidden under all that fat: physically, emotionally and spiritually. That is the true Rob. I see old pictures of myself and wonder who that person is. Shortly after the robbery, a good friend at work gave me a little card with a quote from Maya Angelou on it. I have kept it tacked to the corner of my PC monitor ever since. It reads “Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.” How very true it is.

Leaner, Rob



Meet Linda

Dear Sean,

I wanted to thank you again for contributing to the Komen Phoenix Race for the Cure on Sunday. I thought you might like to know the results.

I do the competitive 5K--you need to finish in 30 minutes to get an official time. Last year was my first time running this event, and my goal was just to finish it in the 30 minutes. I finished in 27:57, which made me very happy.

My goal for this year was to beat last year's time. I've had a rough year for training. I had to have my wrist fused in January, and for the next 7 months I didn't do anything, pretty much, except hurt. No running, no walking, nothing. I started training again, and then I had to have more surgery. I'm just five weeks out from that now.

So, I was really worried that I wasn't going to do well on Sunday. Yeah, the event itself is the important thing, and it's so cool to just be part of it. I'm very competitive (with myself!), though, and I REALLY wanted a personal best.

Adrenaline and sheer will can take you a long way. And persistence and a good training plan help make up for a lack of natural talent.

26:52! I was number 276 of 613 women, and of the women in my age division (45-49) I was number 20 of the 46 who finished.

I'm really happy! And planning for next year. :)

I ran to Workout #5, instead of #3 as I'd originally planned. It was awesome! Your coaching and the great beat really pushed me. Instead of hills, I just turned those 4-minute intervals into speed intervals. It worked great--cutting a minute and 5 seconds off my previous time is pretty good! Your coaching is so inspiring and running to these MP3 has made a huge, huge difference. I can hardly wait to see what I can do next year.

On Sunday, I was a gazelle with the heart of a lion. Thank you!

The sign on my back reads (whose online training log & mileage schedules I use)

and . It's hard to read in this little picture, but I didn't want to clog up your mailbox with the big one. Everyone I passed in the race could see it just fine, though--that's a 100-pt font! Sean, your MP3s have made the biggest difference in my running, by far. My slow pace is now so much faster than my very fastest pace used to be!

Just for fun, above is a pre-Cardio Coach (and pre-WeightWatchers) photo. I've been following WW for 8 years, losing and maintaining less than 8 lbs a year. (I'm slow but persistent). This year I lost more than twice my usual amount. The ONLY thing I did differently was running to the CardioCoach MP3s. I wish I could shout it to the world, Sean--your MP3s have changed my life. I'll be 48 on Dec. 29th of this year. I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm 3.5 lbs from my weight goal of 125 lbs (I'm 5'4")--I will reach my goal by my birthday. Even my asthma has improved since starting the CardioCoach MP3s.

Yep, I'm a fangirl. :) And when you made the contribution for the PHX Race, you got yourself a fan for life--that was so nice of you. Sorry, I didn't mean this to be a novel--I'm just very happy with the results, and so impressed with how your programs have helped me!





William Curry, President, Power Seed Systems

Sean O'Malley’s Cardio Coach CDs are unquestionably a fitness breakthrough [an over-used word but utterly fitting in this case]. There’s much to like here: The professionally composed background music really grabs you, the tempo carries you up and down in sync with the prescribed level of exertion and Sean’s personable voice motivates you and builds confidence. The emphasis on using a heart monitor to learn about your unique heart capacity is educational and reassuring as well. Read the Full Review

A vigorous Cardio Coach workout will leave you with a worked out body vibrating with feel-good endorphins and a crystal clear mind. You’re truly ready to take on the rest of your day. But there’s more! Sean’s real genius lies in creating a seductive, interactive and supportive experience that makes difficult lifestyle changes possible and sustainable. No wonder he received a U.S. Patent for his innovative approach. A machine-based cardio exercise program is hard to maintain on your own. It’s boring and lonely unless you have the resources to hire a personal fitness coach. Well, no more excuses –- now you can have a challenging and compassionate coach and friend at your beck and call any time of day or night. Think of Sean in a CD as your genie in a bottle. Turn him loose and you can learn to live each day with the energy of your full potential. What more could you ask?

William J. Curry President of Powerseed Systems

The Powerseed lifestyle change system helps you to eat more slowly, savor your food, avoid thoughtless snacking, and most importantly — stop OVEReating when you are no longer hungry.

TheresaMeet Theresa Lindman Multinational Forces

Hi Sean,

I just got back from some missions and yes I was so surprised to find such a great box from you. I yelled out for everyone to come see, and got requests from a bunch of people to try, even those who haven't previously.

We have some Australian physical fitness instructors who are going to try and incorporate your cds into some mandatory PT sessions.

I don't think I could say thank you properly. Everyone here says to say thank you, we really appricate your generosity.

I am sending some pictures of some of the training we do here, a triathlon that I did and a huge compotition called Force Skills that encompasses a 5K run, obstacle course, shooting range, road march, land navigation, knowledge test, swimming survival leg. These are all done in full military gear. It takes months to prepare for this and seriously I used your cds to help me get into arobic fitness. This is all done in desert conditions with tempratures ranging from 100 to 130 degrees or higher. I won second place, and look forward to the next one in March.

If there is ever anything I can do for you, please let me know. I owe you. I am heading back to the states in April and will gladly share all these CDs with everyone.

I have lots of great comments from everyone about your CDs, espically the third edition. I have asked that each person send you an email with how they feel it helps them. I have one fellow CPT who has incorporated the Cd into a monthly cardio training session for his soldiers.

Personally, the second and third are both great, but each has its points. I really like the way the third gets right into the workout, and the longer intervals. The second is great for anything running.

take care and I can't wait to see more.

Theresa Lindeman
Multinational Forces & Observers
Task Force Sinai
Force Transportation Office
Movement Control Officer



Meet Rebounding Grandma, Nancy

Hi Sean,

I worked out with you yesterday on my rebounder and I must say I was surprised on a couple of counts.  I already knew I liked the music and the psychedelic images on my PC screen having previewed it a couple of days before, but I didn't expect to do the entire 40 minutes.  Normally 20 or 30 minutes is all I can handle since exercise is not my favorite thing.

As mentioned previously I will be 70 yrs. old in a couple of weeks and didn't begin exercising until my 60's.  Mostly walking and doing exercise videos.  I began rebounding about 3 yrs. ago, but as much as I enjoy it,  I've been very short on motivation lately I heard so much about your CDs that it sounded like something I should try and now I know why everyone loves them so much.  Getting me to do 40 minutes cardio is really something. I was afraid that your CDs would be too difficult for me since I know that many people who workout more intensely than I do use them, but I found I was able to work at my own pace without problems.

I usually work out at a heart rate of about 100 bpm steady state cardio average as I am overweight and a little long in the tooth with a max of around 130bpm, so when I reached 140bpm on that last hill, I was quite surprised.  Even more surprising was the 20 point drop in my bp when I finished.  My bp usually drops of course, but not quite that much.  I know most people use your CDs on a CD player and not a PC, but I'm glad I played it on my PC and am wondering if anyone else has done that and if they have mentioned to you how relaxing the images on the screen are. 

I have studied hypnosis and suspect maybe you have too judging not only from the images, but the way you use your voice.  I am really curious what part those hypnotic images played in the drop in my bp and how much was due to the exercise. Most certainly it is a combination of both. You might be interested in reading my rebounding blog which I wrote in an effort to introduce more people to rebounding.  So many people asked me about which rebounder they should buy after reading my blog that I decided to become a Needak dealer this last August and am as enthusiastic about getting more people into rebounding as you are in keeping people motivated. 

There is no other exercise as nice to your joints as rebounding.  It really is injury free.  Perhaps you can mention it to your clients who may have joint or back problems and think they can't exercise any more.  I have had a bad back and knees since forever, but I can jog and even sprint a little on a rebounder with no problems. I'm going to mention your CDs on my blog and add the link to your site as well.  Perhaps you can put the link to my rebounding blog on your site in return?

Your friend,



Jim Gill

Meet Jim Gill


Remember me (Jim Gill). How are you doing? It has been a while since I spoke to you last. Since we last spoke, I have had quite a few interesting months. Back in October 2003 I got to the point where I was doing both vol. 1 & 2 two to three times a week. I could feel myself improve everyday. One Friday I did my usual work out in the AM hours. I was feeling great because that week I worked out 2 other times and knew I was improving. Lunch time came and I was preparing my lunch when I started feeling chest pains. One of the things that I have gained from your work outs is getting in touch with your body. You even mention that in vol. 1. I was very in touch with my body and how a was “supposed” to feel. The pains I my chest were not normal and I thought to myself “did I work out too hard this week”? Am I having a heart attack? I was reluctant to see a doctor for fear that it was a bad case of heart burn ( would not want to waste the time with that). But because I knew my body well, I went to the doctor. To make a long story short, about a month later I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I had a 10 cm mass in my chest and that is what was causing the pain. As it turned out the pain got worse and worse. I even had trouble breathing because the mass had gotten so big. Well since then I have not worked out at all. I went through chemo and finished March 29, 2004. I am on the road to recovery and still have some hills to climb. The whole time I was being treated I could not wait to get back on the treadmill and exercise with volumes 1 and 2 of Cardio Coach™.

I am here to tell you Sean that tonight I did Vol. 1. I was able to do this work out because of the Perceived exertion. I did it much less intensely than before, but I was able to do it and I feel great. I can't tell you how good I feel right now. As I mentioned before I am not out of the woods yet, but I believe that if I can keep my health in tip top shape I can beat this thing. I want to say Thank you. You Sean are part of the reason that I want to stay in shape and stay healthy. You are not only a cardio coach, you are a great motivator. Your message is not only great for a good work out, but for life itself. I try to surround myself with people like this because I am always trying to improve.

Thank you again.

Oh by the way. Can we expect vol. 3 soon? I say “We” because I have introduced this work-out to several people.

Talk to you soon.


Roger W

Meet Roger, Professional Athlete

I first met Sean during the winter off-season two years ago, when I took his spin class at Inlet Fitness. At this first class, Sean offered a strength test on a stationary bike to the group to measure their progress. I signed up, and was impressed with Sean's knowledge of sports physiology and his commitment to helping anyone willing to make an effort to improve. I am in my fourth year of competing in Masters track events – specifically the 400m. When I decided to get back into track events, I wanted to go for what I recalled was the most painful event – the 400. The 400 is all about dealing with anaerobic thresholds. Sean's spin cardio program, with its emphasis on periodicity and intervals is a great complement for my on-track interval work.

Thanks Sean,

Roger Whiteway, 59 |  Virginia Beach


I Just received a letter from Virginia Senior Games officials saying that I have qualified for the 2007 Summer National Senior Track & Field games.
As you know, I have been training for the 400m and 200m events in Masters Track & Field.  For the past 3 years I have finished in last or near last place.

This year on May 13th at the Virginia Senior games I won the both events and lowered by time by over 10% from two years ago.   
I  credit much of my improvement to my off season spin training in your class and using the Cardio Coach™ workouts to increase my lactic threshold.

I Am looking forward to competing next summer in both state and national meets. 

Thanks Sean,

Roger Whiteway @ the front end of the baby boomers
Virginia Beach, VA.



Meet Fran

Aloha Sean!

My name is Fran, and as you can see, I live in Hawaii.  I bought all 5 of the volumes, and have tried 1-4 so far.  Haven't worked up the guts to try 5 yet, but I will soon!  Anyway, I just wanted to thank you.  I just got back from doing a 10k.  Now, I've done three marathons and tons of races, but always power walking, no running.  After my last marathon in 2004, I developed tendentious in my right ankle, and it's taken over a year to get strong enough to get back to racing.  So, this was my first race in last Feb, 2005.  I was really nervous, but I've been using the CC's about 3 times a week on the treadmill. 

Well, I'm no speed demon, but I finished the race in one hour and 20 minutes, which is 10 minutes off my time the last time I did this same race two years ago!  I felt like I had a lot of stamina and was actually running a lot of the race.  I could hear your voice in my head saying, "All right, we're almost there!  Don't give up!"  I'm almost 47 years old, Sean, and I was passing by the high school runners!  Boy, did that feel good!  Anyway, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. 

Have a great day!


ChrisChris K

See that smile on my face???

I just finished the incredible PressPlay workout and I am thrilled. The hour flew by and it was all so motivating that there was no way I wasn’t going to take on every challenge.  (Well there was a little doubt after that first unbelievable challenge!!).
Last year in January I was having gall bladder surgery and unable to do any of your Cardio Coach workouts for a couple months.    I didn’t know how long it was going to take me to get my conditioning back; I knew it wasn’t going to be fun or easy.
Sean, when you released the new Revised Vol#1, it was just the spark I needed to get back into my cardio routine.    I did that workout a few times a week for months.  I never got tired of it. It was like working out with an old friend.  When I was feeling like I could take on a new challenge, I would try Vol 4 or Vol 5 or one of the Vol 6 workouts, to see if I could get through them (the Candace workout is KILLER!) Then I’d go back to Revised #1…… that workout was a godsend to me.
So today, I didn’t know what to expect with this hour long workout. I was afraid I would not be up to it.   It was definitely a new challenge, a long and hard one, but it was invigorating and satisfying.  I not only survived it, I ENJOYED it.   Sean and Jim, Todd, Corina, Candace, THANK YOU for all your hard work and the inspirational messages and music.  You certainly are helping people all over the world with the “hills and sprints of everyday life”.  I am one of them.




Meet Francine, IFPA Personal Trainer of the Year for 2004

Dear Sean,

First off, gotta thank you for the heads up on the breakdowns and warning of intensity and duration of this workout, cause this warning was NEEDED! Even though all your workouts CAN be modified to all LEVELS this puppy UNLEASHED an unknown animal in me! Holy S@$*! You sure DID BRING the HEAT on this one! WOAH! You are scaring me NOW coach, cause this to date is YOUR BEST YET ( how can that even be possible) each volume is different and you make it possible to conquer each one successfully, your coaching skills are brilliant and right on, even though I embraced your Vol5 challenge today or shall I say as$ whooping ;-)

I'm really looking forward to my progress of licking this sucker like I did the rest, with you in my corner I KNOW I can do it and it's now proven possible! Cause All things are Possible with Cardio Coach ;-) You made a FIRM Believer outta me!

Ok the journey begins ... I needed a voice recorder cause you would have felt my energy and enthusiasm of this workout, it was intense and mind blowing! Scenario I wasn't home, I was in the hotel's gym. Wish I had a video of this cause it was a doozie and a breakfast conversation piece for sure. I took the place over like it was my own (unknowingly, I was so in the zone man couldn't resist) (of course I scoped everything out as soon as I got there so I knew when I went down stairs, GAME ON!) in a nutshell of used equipment I started on the elliptical for all the hills (approx 30 min ), then went to bike (for sprints and finished there). The only thing that bit was the bike‘s monitor didn't work and I wanted some personal stats but no biggie.

Ok, moving on, My 1st Vol 5 encounter was a total different experience from any other vol not just because I was in a hotels gym, it had a more competitive edge feeling and I was so into it and felt you there from beginning to end! This time instead of me visualizing my team (forum peeps) I was competing MORE with myself and you were there with a SERIOUS Tone and PRECISE instructing Skills (kind of like ok, you mastered all the other 4 , now its time to get busy and see what you really got-you asked a lot of me in this workout, had faith in me and I wanted soo bad to give it to you and myself). I had goose bumps!

I Felt a HUGE coach/client connection from the get go on this one! I'm going to try my best to express my workout this am, so some visuals will be added here for your humor cause looking back,I had some crazy stuff in my head and remembering back my 'pump' and these people around me... it was a trip after all! Visualize me in a Nike one piece swimsuit (nice and tight no bouncing ;-)

I started on the elliptical, closed my eyes and went to the beat of the music and when your voice started I was like OH MAN, he means business, you were the Real Deal here, I then opened my eyes looked around and was like "ok no ones here let it go girl!"

I closed my eyes, got into the zone and let you work me out! The hills were unreal and your coaching was the BEST here. The timing was perfect and very NEEDED. I don't recall exactly what you said but there were a few good liners.. Not too much though, just right. I also loved your one minute two minute in's and your "I'm still here" one line was VERY MOTIVATING and made me work HARDER how could I forget it! All I know is I did grit my teeth (how did you know that) and kicked it out and my hair was standing up on my arms! Wait think it was, "Say you'll be tired and you will be, think strong and you are" (VERY POWERFUL something like that) OK, made it thought that ;-) After my hill climb, you then said something about admiring my view. I opened my eyes and there were two other people in the gym (staring at me) not working out (geeze how long were they there, I was drenched) it didn't phase me though, I smiled at them and went for my water bottle. I enjoyed your gazelle lion story but then let out a laugh (not that there was anything funny about this -I'm just a sick & twisted at painful times) (cause for some off reason it reminded me of Jamie Kennedy's skit, "I'm a gazelle").

Not sure you ever seen that, but oh my God funniest thing. He was pretending to be a choreographer for male strippers and he'd say "I'm a gazelle, I'm a gazelle" and did this funky move with his hands and hips (soo un-sexy and funny) they were like "is he for real?" but did it, looking all kinds of stupid, anyway he had animal names for everything, had to see it to appreciate it but anywhoo that popped into my mind made me chuckle.

I opened my eyes back up and now there are 3 people there and one lady had her arms folded in a huff as if I was hogging the elliptical and I said "do you want to get off here?" Not knowing I was LOUD with the iPod on, she shook her head yes and I said NO problem. She covered her ears I said, "oops sorry"), so I hit pause wobbled over to the bike then as your story progressed I wanted to choose which animal I was going to be, and the game face was back on!

I closed my eyes and got ready for the challenge, I went all out sweat dripping down my nose, I was PLEASANTLY surprised how quick it went by. I do remember wanting a lil' more coaching somewhere, can't recall now but it could have been because I left my water bottle on the elliptical and I was feeling dehydrated, so I hollered over to the lovely pushy lady ;-) "a LIL help please" (and she kindly brought me my baba ;-) "aaaagghhh thank you kind lady, love you!" I said to myself, I replenished quickly and finished strong while the on lookers (now a crowd) were in amazement or bewilderment not sure which but I'd love to have an icon for their priceless mugs! Glad my headphones were on cause I know they were saying some s$%t ;-)

Not a bother at all though cause I had an overload of endorphins blocking them out. Once the cool down music came on, the goose bumps were back, that music was PERFECT, I loved it! It reminded me of (don't laugh you know I'm one crazy girl, but it reminded me of live a aid concert and a Benetton commercial combined-this may sound crazy but believe me it was a powerful feeling of togetherness and unity). It was soo cool and unexpected not sure why but it made me smile! I really enjoyed that cool down music as well as the workout, Thanks Coach, for letting me test spin your Vol5 and for especially making me successful and STRONG at this MONSTER even though I have a ways to go, I enjoyed the torture!

PS - I always have a favorite line from you but the more I do your workouts the more they all inspire me & stick with me, you are soo motivating, this was WELL DONE! Gotta go back to that line when you said think you are tired and you will be, believe you are strong and you are how about that think I got it, if not I know I'm close cause there was a lot of emotional physical out of body experiences happening so I need a repeat of this ;-)

After I stretched it out , I hit the pool for a relaxing swim for fun and grabbed a float to chill, the onlookers were now by the pool watching me seeing what my next move would be ha ha ha, I was fried, catching my breath and simply reflecting back on my kick ass workout, sorry folks show's over ;-)

I then go up to the room shower, get dressed and go down to meet our friends for breakfast, having a good ole time, then the craziest thing happened, this lil kid came up to me and said, "Miss, can I have your autograph? I don't know who you are but my mommy said your going to win a gold medal."

Aaaawwwhhh how cute, I looked over and his mom was the one on the elliptical who gave me my water (the one who was all huffy at first) I smiled over and signed his takeout menu, "Believe in yourself ALWAYS, Anything Is possible if you want it BAD enough!" Francine XO!

My hubby smirked, "HOOCH what did you do this morning?" I smiled at him and said I did Coach's new workout, that's all! (I always refer to you as Coach to Bubba). How about that, that's some crazy stuff huh? They thought I was in training for the Olympics here !

Just goes to show you that training with you I'm always home (even when I'm not ;-)!



Meet Kathy


I just had to let you both know how much I enjoy the CC workouts! They are AWESOME!!! I think my favorite at the moment is Number 6 (Sean) it almost kills me, but I feel so good when I have completed it! I love all of the workouts! I thought that I was doing HITT cardio before I found the CC workouts, but after doing these workouts, I know that I was not even comming close to HITT! The workouts have definitely given me the means to get the most that I possibly can out of my cardio workouts! I look forward to meeting with one of you every day! Cardio has now become fun instead of a chore to get through thanks to your EXCELLENT workouts. By the way, I am a 54 year old grandmother and I am very very proud of myself that I can get through the cardio coach workouts. I cannot tell you how much pride I have in saying that!!!! Thank You,



Meet Annette

The cardio coach series was shared with me by a friend. I used them for my cutting phases in preparation for a bodybuilding show in April 2007. I went into this show looking my absolute best! The cardio coach workouts are wonderful! They give me a great challenge and allow me to train with as much or as little intensity as I need.
I have used them repeatedly over the past 12 weeks and still find them as challenging as the first day I started using them. If a person is looking for a degree of cardio workouts that include high intensity training, cardio coach will not disappoint you!


Meet Jane


I just had to write and tell you I did Cardio Coach Press Play for the first time this morning. Tammy and Michele from the forums joined me in this workout today and we dedicated it to a friend of Michele\'s who is battling breast cancer now and has just started on this journey. What an awe-inspiring workout!!! I was so moved by it! I took to heart Jim\'s comments during the workout. I have battled rheumatoid arthritis since being diagnosed in early 1999 at the age of 38. After several years of my doctor trying to find the right treatment for my disease which is considered severe, I was finally controlled in 2003 but not after many many courses of prednisone which left my body in very bad shape, overweight, and miserable. With my disease controlled the first time in four years, I decided to take control, joined Weight Watchers, started exercising, and finally actually started running!!!! Which was no small feat considering I have RA in my feet and ankles as well as hands. I found Cathe Friedrich who has taken me to physically fitness heights of which I\'ve never seen. Through her forums, I found you and Cardio Coach. My journey has not been as tough as Jim\'s and his attitude and zest for life amazes and inspires me. Thank you for providing a wonderful product that motivates me to continue to be the best I can be given the hand life has dealt me. Press Play will definitely be one of my favorites; I\'ll reach for it when I want to remember just how lucky I really am. See you in the workout!!


Before & AfterMeet Natalie

Hi Coach, Just wanted to give you some feedback. I've been on a weight loss plan since May last year and was faced with losing around about 200 lbs. Towards the end of last year I purchased a number of your workouts and sort of toyed around with them while still watching my food intake. My records show that when I started, to get to my level 3 I was working at 3.2 kmph and worked up to 3.5 kmph. Since January of this year, I've used the services of an online personal trainer but have told him about my cardio coach workouts and asked him to work them into my program. I\'m now doing circuits 3 days a week and your Vol 1 just about every day.

Since January, I have gone from doing 3.5 kmph for my level 3 challenges all the way to 7 kmph with a 12% incline to get my HR at the same level. I\'m now running my level 4 challenge at 10 kmph. I\'m absolutely amazed at how well your workouts have \'worked\'! Oh, and I\'m half way to my goal of losing 200 lbs! Thanks so much for being there each day when I work out - I recommend your workouts to anyone who asks what I\'m doing. Heart felt thanks Coach. Natalie


Davida FreemanMeet Davida (V)

Hi Sean,
Wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much your audio programs have helped me in my running. I'm a marathoner/half-marathon who's run races for about 5 years. I started working with your audio programs last summer. I'd work out with them on the treadmill and discovered quickly that they have helped me run stronger and faster when training outdoors and running races of various distances. They've inspired me to set new, bigger running goals in 2009, all of which I'm well on my way to achieving. I've posted huge PRs so far this year, including:
Marathon: New PR - 4:14.28 set on 1/11/09 at Disney. Previous PR - 4:36 in 2005
10K: New PR - 45:46 set on 3/7/09. Previous PR - 54:12 in 2007
Half Marathon: New PR - 1:42.40 set on 3/21/09. Previous PR - 2:06 in 2005
The Cardio Coach workouts played a major part in my running success. So thank you! I look forward to continuing to work with your programs and anticipate new volumes in the future (to help me achieve my main running goal - running a sub 4 marathon in Chicago this year and maybe qualifying for Boston).
Thanks again Sean and take care! V-


TerryMeet Terry

Terry Carter
Age: 41
Occupation: Fire Captain

Cycling community accomplishments:
Founder and Past President of the Peoria Area Mountain Bike Association
Co-founder of  Illinois I-74 mountain bike race series
Illinois State Representative for International Mountain Bike Association
Founder of Peoria Area Mountain Bike Patrol
2nd place Co-ed division – 2008 24 hours of 9 mile forest mountain bike race
1st place 40 + division – 2008 CORBA Mud Sweat and Gears mountain bike race
2nd place 40 + division – 2008 FORC Rampage mountain bike race
2003 – 2007 Participant PAMBA Big Hit Downhill mountain bike race
2003 Participant WORS Devil’s Head Downhill mountain bike race
2008 Completed first road bike century (100 mile) circuit with 112 miles

Cardio Coach is the finest set of training programs I have ever tried.  CC is a breath of fresh air compared to the same ol’ routines offered by other cycling based fitness systems.  The music is fantastic.  Sean’s encouragement is spot on. The variety of challenges and tempos are very unique for this type of training.  With all the choices from short and intense to long and steady, I never tire of using Cardio Coach as an awesome addition to my off season training regime.  The versatility of Cardio Coach makes it easy to implement on the elliptical machine at the fire station as well as the stationary cycling trainer at home.  Sean has done his homework and provided a wonderful reinvention of the fundamental exercise routine.


NancyMeet Nancy

Hi! Just wanted to share. I recently (as in this week) started taking my dog running with me. We did a short 30 mins on Sun, and he loved it. Yesterday was a cardio day, and I was scheduled for kickboxing, but it was cool, cloudy, and breezy outside, perfect for a run. I put vol 8 in my Ipod, and brought that and my running shoes upstairs, and Vlad went bonkers. He has never reacted to my running shoes before, so he must've really enjoyed running on Sun. He does react to me getting out my walking shoes :) So I leashed him up and took him with me. We finished up at 5 miles even. We walked the warm up, power walked the steady, ran the level 3s and sprinted the 4s. Vlad's favorites seem to be the all out level 4s. I swear when we got home, he looked at me like "why are we stopping?". He downed about half a bowl of water and by the time I got out of the shower he was lounging in the living room with his tongue hanging out in a big, goofy doggie grin. Yup, he likes it! And a tired dog is a good dog. So it seems you have another fan, even if he does have 4 legs. Thanks again for the wonderful workouts! Nancy Donahue (and Vlad)


Before & AfterMeet Darrell (former college teammate)

Hey, man! Just wanted to keep you posted on my progress. I have attached three pics for you to look at (one before & two after). I have lost 50 lbs on the diet you helped me put together and with the 45 minutes of cardio each day. I was 315 last August and I am now 260. After you sent me 4 & 5, I went ahead and bought the rest of the series. I am sold on cardio coach and have been telling people about it at the gym. I appreciate your help!! I will let you know more about military chaplaincy and when that transpires. I have anothern hurdle...I am a licensed minister but not yet ordained. I will be undergoing examination and ordination in late July. I could be in come August.



On 2010-05-13 roxann Dee flores from mercedes, TX said:

Love it

On 2010-03-14 Greg Christo from Chennai, India said:

Hey Sean, WOWWOWWOWWOWWOWWOW! :D Finally got the guts to do the Press Play Choose Living workout - have always been afraid of it :( - Anyhoo - WOW! LOL Talk about pushing - awesome, tough workout - but I found myself doing better on the Challenges than I ever had. Awesome - thanks!! Inspiring!

On 2010-01-21 Jeff Weber from Greenville, SC said:

Hey Sean, I want to say Thanks for letting me join the Cardio Coach(TM) team in the support role! I also want to say Hi to all current and future clients! If anyone has any questions, or issues, (or to simply say Hi, share successes or challenges, and chat), please feel free to email me at! Jeff

On 2009-11-14 Miguel Rodriguez from Puebla, MX said:

Hi Sean, I just wanted to share with everybody my own experience. I have already lost 40 pounds in 5 months of using CardioCoach. Last night vol 7 really made me reach my limits but I am very happy. For the first time I can buy the same size I was wearing 10 years ago. I went from size 42 to size 36 in 5 months and I feel grrreeaatt. Are there any special Xmas sales coming up? Id like to get myself more Vols. Thanks for the great effort! Please convey my regards to Todd Washburn! Greetings from Mexico.

On 2009-09-27 Dick from Boynton Beach, FL said:

Hi Sean...a great pleasure meeting you today at LA Fitness for SPIN. I want to be and strong like you someday! Great job and an even nicer are! See you soon. Dick

On 2009-09-13 Amber Neill from Chapel Hill, NC said:

This might sound odd, but I really appreciate your tone in the coaching. Encouraging without being condescending is REALLY hard to find! I am enjoying 2-4 and have 5-8 in my shopping cart for when I finish this message. Thanks for all you do!

On 2009-05-19 Paula Campbell from Mildura, Victoria said:

Hi, I have had Cardio Coach for a few years now. There are many fitness downloads now that others have jumped on the bandwagon..... rest assured I have yet to listen to one that betters CC. They are motivating, encouraging. Seans voice has become a comfort to me; much like a friend pushing me all the way. Well done Sean, this is the best money I have ever spent on fitness products.

On 2009-05-17 Diane Conrad from San Diego, CA said:

I am in your Friday a.m. Spin @ LA Fitness. Great Class! Thanks Sean.

On 2009-05-05 Catherine Matarazzo-Nicholas from Bensalem, pA said:

I absolutely love all your workouts ...use them all the time and recommend them to everyone who exercises. Can't believe how hard you push and how fast the time goes by...then your done and full of sweat heart beating (feels so good). I have been working out for 35 years and nothing compares!!!!!!

On 2009-05-04 Astrid Seefeld from Cologne, Germany said:

Great Workouts ! I had heard about them, but the workouts are actually even better than everyone said! I am doing them on my treadmill, and I get the best workout ever. My favorite for the time being is Volume 2, but I heard all of them to get an idea and although they are all based on the same principle, each volume has its own special touch so that you can choose one not only based on the time you have planned for your workout but also based on your "mood of the day". I love the mix of hard workout and spirituality too. Difficult to explain, you have to listen to one to understand that, but it sure does work for me. That and Sean's voice, which is quite sexy as a matter of fact but still extremely professional.

On 2009-03-27 Shannon Perna from Vilonia, AR said:

I've always loved choreographed floor aerobics, especially step, and I'm an impact junkie. Years of high-impact work started taking its toll, and I knew I had to find an alternative. I bought an elliptical.... and hated it. It was sooooo boring to stay in one place and pedal, no matter what music I used. But then a friend recommended Cardio Coach, so I figured I might as well give it a try. Well, my cardiovascular world was turned around! Coach Sean inspires me to push harder than I ever have, and he simply inspires me, period. The music is great, but his coaching is even better. Now I actually look forward to my sessions on the elliptical!

On 2008-12-31 Evangeline Dean from San Antonio, TX said:

I had a baby about 4 months ago so I'm dying to get back in shape. I had purchased 4,5 and 6 prior to having a baby and was using it almost everyday but after the baby I honestly got lazy and well couldn't find the time to exercise so I said to myself - it's time to listen to Sean again! And so I got on my elliptical and I'm happy to say that although I'm still struggling to find the time to exercise because of the baby at least I'm not feeling lazy or unmotivated anymore because I have Sean to motivate me! I just purchased Vol 2 revised and Pump and I'm eager to get on my elliptical machine again as soon as I get home! Sean - thanks for the motivation and hope you get to produce more track and well have another sale! :)

On 2008-12-29 Donna DeGroat from Charlottesville, VA said:

I just returned from the gym and had the cycle studio all to myself--of course, with the exception of Sean coaching me through a great workout. I confess that I was skeptical when I first discovered Cardio Coach. However, I have become a believer. I work as hard or harder with Sean as I do when I'm in a cycle class with nineteen others. I'm looking forward to adding more mp3's to my Ipod so that I have a wide variety of workouts. Thank you so much and keep 'em comin'.

On 2008-12-11 Andy Millard from Columbus, NC said:

Hello Sean! I've been meaning to thank you for the Cardio Coach series. I'm a 51- year-old male and began exercising seriously a couple years ago, gradually increasing the intensity of my workouts as well as my attention to nutrition. After completing the P90X program in May of this year, I started looking around on the Internet for something else to hold my interest and improve my fitness. That's when I discovered Cardio Coach; this is my Cardio Coach story. I first purchased several Cardio Coach workouts in July; my first actual workout was CC 2 (revised). I enjoyed it so much and got so much out of it that I bought a new treadmill (Sole model F63). I later took advantage of your sale and purchased several more workouts, and now own versions 2 (revised), 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and Pump. I thought I was in pretty good shape after P90X, but you showed me different. The first workout wore me out, but before long I was keeping up with you. The combination of the music and your encouraging voice along with the heart rate zones and effort levels are very motivating and keep the workouts enjoyable. Within a few months of beginning Cardio Coach, I ran in a 5-mile race and came in third in my age group. (It was a fairly small race; my time of 51 minutes was not impressive, but because of Cardio Coach training, I was able to complete the race and still feel great afterwards.) I'm now doing three to four Cardio Coach workouts each week (some on the treadmill and some outside) for a total of ten to twelve miles. On non-Cardio Coach days I do resistance training. I do my workouts early in the morning in a gym in my home. In addition, I eat a sensible diet and drink a big glass of freshly-juiced vegetable juice every day. Without a doubt, I'm in the best shape of my adult life; what's more, I feel great, have loads of energy, and sleep like a baby. I am a firm believer in the power of attitude, and the attitude that you promote in your workouts is in perfect alignment with my own. Here are my stats: 5'7" tall, 141 lbs. Body fat is 18%. Resting heart rate is 54; maximum heart rate is about 175; Orange Zone heart rate is somewhere in the range of 150 - 160. Steady state pace is 6.0 mph; Level Three effort is about 6.5 - 7.0 mph with an incline of about 7 - 8 degrees; all-out sprint is about 10 mph. My current goal is to improve my steady state speed to 7.5 mph so that I can run 5 miles in 40 minutes. One other important point. I'm a Certified Financial Planner with a small firm in a small town. My job involves managing the life savings of a number of clients who count on me to help them maintain their lifestyle. As you can imagine, the stress level for my clients has risen dramatically in the last few months. My fitness regimen allows me to work off my own stress so that I can do a better job of supporting my clients. On this day after Thanksgiving, I want you to know that even though we do not know each other, you are an important part of my life. Thank you, and keep up the great work! Sincerely, Andy Millard Columbus, NC

On 2008-11-30 Annette Moore (Minnis) from Peoria, IL said:

I have had Sean's Cardio Coach series for several years now and each time I use them is still like the first! I am STILL telling people how they have to have his collection in their cardio workout regimen. His encouragement and distinct instructions throughout the workout ensures me that each workout is always a productive one. I've used these series on the treadmill, stair stepper, elliptical and on the stepmill. I am NEVER disappointed! Sean, you are my cardio workout angel!!! Thanks so much! Annette Moore (Minnis) NGA Pro Bodybuilder

On 2008-11-26 Don Starnes from Montreal, Canada said:

I have used cardio coach now for 3 years now. I used to use music but find i can go longer and quicker using your product. I have a Nordic Track sky machine that I have had for more than 20 years. In my opinion the best machine out there as i don't need to be changing settings continouessly. I just go faster when it is time to change levels. If you have a nordic track try this product out.

On 2008-10-29 Lyndi Sargent from Lee, NH said:

Cardio coach was my guiding force through 2 years of hard work, losing over 50 pounds! I can't say enough about the motivation it provided me on those days that I just didnt think I had any more to give. Thanks to cardio coach for helping me make every workout a good one!

On 2008-10-07 Jerry Suida from Macomb, MI said:

Being a competitive person it has really been depressing the past ten years (I'm now 41) as my friends slowly dropped out of playing competitive sports (bball, football). I've been working out on my own for the past 5 years & had been in a rut until I found Cardio Coach. I've purchased all 8 volumes & really enjoy the feeling of having a personal trainer push me to my max. Thanks for such a great product - I can honestly say without it I would have eventually stopped working out completely (out of boredom) - now I feel I will continue on indefinitely!

On 2008-10-06 Chrissy from long island, ny said:

I just did one of your workouts for the first time (it happen to be volume 4). I have to say you were very motivating and the time flew by. I was worried that it wouldn't because I love my music from my ipod when I run...but this was so much better. You were like my personal trainer, encouraging me the whole way. I had a great challenging workout. This will make training for the 1/2 marathon in the spring so much more enjoyable. Thank you Sean!! chrissy

On 2008-10-03 Michelle Stephens from San Diego, CA said:

I've been using Cardio Coach for exactly a week and I LOVE it! The time flys and I'm dripping in sweat at the end of the workout.

On 2008-10-01 Donna M Magrini from Chandler, AZ said:

Why did I wait so long to try out Vol. 7?????? It was the most fun I have had at the gym in a LONG time!! People must have thought me nuts.....crazy lady on the third machine over grinning like someone just fed her ice cream or something.....yeah that was me loving every minute of it!! Now I just have to work up the courage to tackle Vol. 8!!

On 2008-09-24 Lindylou Reynolds from Poway, CA said:

Cardio coach takes you over and beyond your possible expectations! It?s you, the bike, and Sean motivating you every step of the way. Forever grateful, Lindylou

On 2008-09-24 Tammy Allen from Arlington, TX said:

I found Cardio Coach while surfing the web looking for cd's for Treadmill workouts. I love the music on vol 2. I also have #5. After receiving CC I purchased a Heart Monitor; it has helped knowing exactly what my heart rate is. I love working out and working out with CC the time goes by fast.

On 2008-09-22 Claire Kang from Sedro Woolley, WA said:

I just purchased one of the Cardio Coach programs. I will never look at my treadmill as a boring machine ever again! Thank you so much for creating such a great program that challenges your body and keeps your mind busy.

On 2008-09-19 Laura Bell from East Stroudsburg, PA said:

I love the CC series!! I love it so much that I started a Support Group on for CC users. I hope by starting this support group it will help people come to know and love CC and Sean has I have. I add a new CD to my collection as a gift to myself when I have met a certain goal. Looking forward to having the complete collection some day. Can't wait to see the shape Ill be in then!!! I would love to see more vols. for the treadmill too. I use that as my main cardio tool Thank You Sean, for helping me and so many other people. Have a Awesome Day, and Workout! Sincerely, Laura Bell

On 2008-09-15 Amanda Searle from Rancho Bernardo, CA said:

We've attended Sean's Spinning Classes and they are by far the best offered in the area. His intensity, passion, and drive are reflected in his workouts!

On 2008-09-13 Kelly from Enid, OK said:

I have used Cardio Coach workouts for quite a while now and never tire of them. I can't work out on my treadmill without them! The music is awesome, the coaching is right on point and pushes me to give it my best, even on days I don't really want to give it my best. After having 40 rounds of head and neck radiation due to cancer treatment, I was, to put it mildly, beat. Cardio Coach was the first workout I reached for when I could. Even though I didn't have the energy to max out, just doing the workouts the best I could made me feel energized and "healthy" again. My cancer is now a thing of the past, but Cardio Coach is my present and will be my future go-to workout. It's simply the best!

On 2008-08-21 Michele Franz from Springboro, OH said:

Today, August 20, marks an important anniversary. It was on this day in 2006 that I purchased my first Cardio Coach download, a decision that proved to be a turning point in my fitness journey. I hated cardio and neglected this aspect of my exercise regimen for several years. I was intimidated by it, dreaded it, and felt that I lacked the grace and athleticism required for things like step and kickboxing, and the mind-numbing monotony of cardio machines failed to attract my interest. I was in my early fifties at the time, and starting to develop some of the problems associated with aging and a sedentary lifestyle. It was clear?avoiding cardio was no longer an option. Through his expert coaching, Sean O?Malley helped me to see and understand that my limitations were almost entirely self-imposed. He actually changed my way of thinking about cardio, showing me how to enjoy it by turning it into an adventure that engages the mind as well as the body. He has an innate ability to motivate and inspire you to be the best that you can be, a powerful feeling that stays with you long after the workout is over. It?s been two years since I discovered the Cardio Coach workouts and I have yet to grow weary of them. If anything, they?re even more fun and challenging now that my level of fitness has improved! Sean O'Malley took a woman who was tired and rundown and dreaded cardio, and turned her into a little ball of fire. I?m excited about my workouts now, and even my husband understands that once I press PLAY I am not to be disturbed! Sean, thank you?I owe you so much.

On 2008-08-05 Laurie Marrelli from San Diego, CA said:

Sean you rock! I can't tell you how perfect your workouts are. I love the challenge and the way you coach me through it. Sometimes I think I can't do any more and I make a deal that I can do this for 30 more seconds. I always make it through with your help and feel great physically and emotionally. I recommend your workout to everyone who mentions that they want to get in shape. It's my best kept secret that I don't keep. You're the best! Laurie Marrelli Client Attraction Strategist

On 2008-07-24 Nicole from Monterey Bay, CA said:

Coach Sean :) You make me smile. I first decided to try Cardio Coach a couple weeks ago because all the rave reviews on the forum. Thanks to you there is no longer any dread factor with my TM runs. I've done v1-v7 and will tackle v8 next week. I think I'm going to purchase the CCPP and participate in the CCPP+challenge from v5 this Saturday. Thanks for all that you do-. Looking forward to w/o with you on Saturday with CCPP. I will definitely be recommending CC to all my friends and family.

On 2008-07-02 Carolyn Burdette from San Diego, CA said:

As a Yoga/Pilates Instructor I encourage my participants to "Get their Cardio". CardioCoach has given me a tool in which to refer my clients. Sean's workout are truly innovative and unlike anything I've experienced before in my fitness career. I love Spin classes and Sean has given me a way to workout even when I cannot attend a class. Thanks Sean!

On 2008-07-02 nancy donahue from joliet, Il said:

Wow!!! What a discovery! I think these are my fave new workouts in a long time!!! You sent me vol 5 for free a few wks ago and I used it for outdoor running. Holy smokes, it was tough! And fun, and I was hooked. I did that a few times, and have now purchased 7, 8, and pumped. I have done 7 twice now as a run, and plan on doing it again tonight. I think then I will try to tackle 8. I know I couldn\'t just set out to do the same intervals on my own, I would get tired and stop, but your voice whispering in my ear buds keeps my feet moving. It is a huge sense of accomplishment for me to finish these, and at the end I am wiped out, happy, and craving more. Thanks so much, and keep \'em coming! Nancy Donahue

On 2008-06-29 L. Vescio from Des Plaines, IL said:

Another forum member here. My 13 year old and I love Vol. 4 and look forward to our treadmill time with the Coach. Thanks so much for providing expert guidance and motivation. :o)

On 2008-06-25 Judy Arazoza from Victor, NY said:

I am a fan of Cardio Coach Press Play and am part of the community that does this workout the last Saturday of each month. I am looking forward to volumes 3,7 & 8 my most recent downloads.

On 2008-06-25 Kathryn Hampton from Boise, ID said:

Sean-- Oh my gosh #8 ROCKS! I never thought it was possible to get even more out of my body than I have gotten with the previous 7 volumes. In the hour that I was on the elliptical doing #8 I burned more calories than I ever have--and I lived through it! I like the music, the pace, the challenges. Great accomplishment. Thanks for sharing your expertise. I would never have stuck to cardio for this long with out you.

On 2008-06-20 Margarita Cruz from Chicago, IL said:

I have done Volume 8 four times already and every single time it feels challenging and fun. I have all of the Cardio Coach volumes and they are ALL totally awesome. I never get bored, Sean is the best coach, his words of encouragement are sincere, like he's right there pushing you on. Get the complete Cardio Coach series, it is money well spent and an investment in your health. You will not regret having these workouts!!!

On 2008-06-13 Alicia from Lunenburg, MA said:

Tonight I did my first cardio coach workout, volume 5. I have never really enjoyed running on my treadmill, but I continue to do it on and off in order to mix up my workouts a little. Well, tonight I tried CC5 and it was absolutely amazing. I loved my workout (even when I was screaming on the inside during the hills!). I pushed myself way beyond what I have ever done before with your help. It was amazing and I felt (and am still feeling) fabulous! I don't think I'll be on the treadmill without you! Thank you for an absolutely amazing workout. You inspired me to push beyond what I thought I was capable of and I'm looking forward to breaking through more barriers overtime with your help. Thanks again!!

On 2008-06-02 Elizabeth S from Solon, OH said:

Thanks for putting together such amazing products, I have been sideline with some running injury and just slowly building my base back up. I haven't been on a treadmill in almost 3 months but went to the gym with CC5 in my player today when your voice came on, it was like being with an old friend again. As soon as the program started, my love of running came back, the fear of will I be able to do it disappear and I ran. The first time I did CC5 last year my max speed was 5.2mph today I ran at 7mph and wasn't even green so I know I have more in me. Thanks for the joy.

On 2008-05-21 Renee Allen from McKinleyville, CA said:

Hi Sean -- I'm a 43 year old mother of 6 and have been doing home workouts for 12 years now (found it more doable to work out at home than to drive to a gym). I love using your CDs while rebounding. The mix of music and your voice are just wonderful. I feel like I get a solo workout like when I used to run or swim laps (a great mental release), but in the convenience of my own home. Thanks so much. P.S. (If you have any recommendations for how to use the rebounder for hills and intervals, I'd love to hear about it -- I have a few challenging moves I do, but I'd love to find more).

On 2008-05-15 Emma Friesen from Sydney, NSW said:

I love these workouts!!! No matter how long or hard my day has been, or how unmotivated I feel, as soon as that music starts I'm hooked. I actually start smiling in anticipation of the incredible workout ahead. Sean's "Cardio Coach - land" is indeed a very special place - one where I feel challenged, motivated and respected. It's awesome!!!!

On 2008-03-29 Tracy Allaire from Shelton, CT said:

Hi Sean, I found the Cardio Coach workouts over on the Cathe website and I have loved every minute of them. I started using them on my treadmill and now on the elliptical at the gym. They are awesome! Thank you for all of your hard work. I've hooked friends and family members too. I'm so happy to be able to work out with you! Tracy

On 2008-03-10 Beth Maciaszek from Mount Morris, MI said:

I used my Cardio Coach 1 Revised for the first time and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! I wish I would have known sooner that this was available on CD better late thn never. Thank you for this amazing workout. I also have 3 and both versions of 6 can't wait to get to them.

On 2008-02-28 Shelley Ellis from Brandon, Florida said:

The Cardio Coach Guided Workout is amazing. It make my whole workout go be fo fast. And it makes you feel you have a friend to workout with. It also pushes me to go farther in my workout. So a big thank you, from someone who is loving the results!!

On 2008-02-14 Kimber Brown from Willis, Texas said:

Thank You Sean for making such a wonderful workout tape. I use it 4 times a week and for the first time I am enjoying running as a part of my workout regime. Thanks again.

On 2008-02-01 Susan Pleasant from Cherry Log, Ga said:

Sean, I really am hooked on Cardio Coach. Level 4 is supreme. Now that I have experienced the best nothing else will ever measure up. Keep up the great work. Susan

On 2008-01-26 Tamra Damore from Seattle, WA said:

Re: Pump, This is exactly what I have been looking for. A workout that just gets down to business w/o having to put up with explainations on how-to. One can go to another part of cardio coach to get the how to's. Re: All the other CC workouts...I have them all. They are arranged perfectly. A great workout without nonsense stories to bore you. These are workouts that do just that.... work you and keep you on track, push you and count for you. Thank-you Sean for being a super coach.

On 2007-11-16 Christine Lewington from Stirling, Alberta said:

Cardio Coach absolutely ROCKS! It blew away my boredom and excuses to not workout and not workout hard enough! My husband is addicted and I'm putting many friends onto CC too! I am soo grateful to people like Sean that share their passions which turn into inspiration and motivation for others! Thanks Christine

On 2007-11-05 KiKi Martin from Martinsville, VA said:

Have been working out for about 4 years and was introduced to Cardio Coach by one of my work out partners. I was hooked from the start and after 10 years of marriage, my husband is walking me to the CAR to keep other men from staring at my body......thanks, Sean

On 2007-10-18 Daija DeMornay from Vancouver, WA said:

Hi Sean! WOW... you look amazing, Sean...although we haven't talked in three years ...I still work out with you at least several times a week! Congrats on your new CD, I'm sure it's going to be awesome. Sean, it's amazing what you've done to your body since we spoke last... or since I last noticed you on the cover of Volume 5... LOL... I mean, are certainly a Lean Mean Fighting Machine, my dear man... LOL Gosh, I wish you could come here and become my personal trainer. Truly, Sean, you are bigger, better, brighter and I am serious, Sean, you simply look ultra fabulous, better than ever, these days. And I'm sure you sound even better than ever before, too! Congratulations on Volume #7, honey, I'm looking forward to hearing you and working out with you, as always, of course! Hugs and love to you dear... take care, be safe and well... Love, Daija

On 2007-09-28 Shelly Bordelon from Virginia Beach, VA said:

Hey Sean! I have officially retired from the fitness instruction/training role in my life and am now out there with everyone else in terms of fitting in quality workouts and staying with my own health and fitness goals. I'm doing a bit of traveling these days and the workouts on my iPod are ideal. Love them and miss seeing you at the gym. Hope you are well. Shelly B.

On 2007-09-18 Betty Crawford from Dallas, Texas said:

I love your workouts and use them regularly. I have had some trouble with the ones I downloaded to iTunes. I can't seem to get them to show up on my iPod.

On 2007-09-11 Jilleyn from Oradell, NJ said:

Hi Sean, I just wanted to let you know that I came back to your MP3s after doing various other workouts (power-walking, dumbbells, rowing) for several months, and I am SO glad I did! There is nothing quite like an hour in CardioCoach Land--it's great for people like me whose feet can't tolerate long-distance running but who want to get the benefits of a great aerobic workout. I bought the 2 volumes I didn't yet have (1 and 4) and started afresh with those, which made me feel like I was dong something new. When are you going to put out another volume? I'll be all over it like sweat on my treadmill!

On 2007-07-15 Sondra Hopkins from Boerne, Tx said:

I LOVE CARDIO COACH! As an owner of a fitness studio, you would not expect that it would be difficult to find motivation for your own personal workouts, but after staying "upbeat" and motivating for clients all day it can be extremely difficult to be your own coach! Sean has THE perfect product! His voice is positive and extremely motivating. The music is almost trance like and for the first time in MONTHS I was able to forget about everything and focus 100% on my workout! I was drenching and exhausted when it was done, but felt incredible. I will absolutely encourage my clients to use Thank you for such a wonderful tool! Sondra Hopkins Fit Life Studio Owner

On 2007-06-23 Kate from Chicago, IL said:

In just one month Cardio Coach helped me get out of my running rut (a rut that I was stuck in for the past two years where I could never get over 3 miles and logging 3 miles was excruciating), push myself without even realizing it, and kicked up my metabolism to new heights. I'm amazed at how just doing 30 minutes of exercise can be so intense and effective, whereas before I'd trudge along on the treadmill for over 40 minutes and still feel blah. It's literally taken my exercise and physical regimen to a new level, and given me the kind of energy that I never had before. For anyone looking for a change try it once (they have the money back guarantee anyway) and you'll notice that not only did you log more miles, but you pushed yourself in ways that you didn't even know it was possible to.

On 2007-06-02 Dru Gilliam from Fort Worth, TX said:

WOW! My exercise bike will never be the same! I've just bought and used my second Cardio Coach workout, and I can't say enough about how great I feel after each ride. I'm reclaiming my body from breast cancer, and the encouraging words from Sean throughout the sessions have helped me push my workouts to a new level! Thanks, Cardio Coach. Dru Gilliam

On 2007-05-29 Susan Ekk from Cincinnati, OH said:

WOW! This series of cd's is everything I've been looking for in motivation. The music is fantastic and the cuing is the like of many of the very best spinning classes I've attended. Please more, more, more!!!!! Thank you, Susan

On 2007-05-09 Stacy from Stanhope, NJ said:

Since I gave birth to my daughter over a year and a half ago, I have hated working out. That's why it has taken me so long to get motivated, and try to reach my pre baby weight. I heard about CardioCoach at It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I love working out again. I push myself pass limits I never dreamed possible. Sometimes after a tough challenge I almost cry because I can't believe that was me. I am forever grateful and thankful, Stacy

On 2007-05-01 Emily Boggs from Metamora, IL said:

What can I say that hasn't been said already? Coach Sean, you have made my 5am treadmill workouts FUN. I actually get excited to get out of bed that early and hop on the treadmill. I used to think that I could never run on my treadmill without the tv on, but since downloading the entire collection of Cardio Coach workouts, I now realize how incredibly boring the tv was! Treadmill workouts used to seem to last an eternity - I would constantly watch the clock and wish for it to be over. I also realize how lazy I was being with my treadmill workouts before. I ran just enough so that I could check it off my to-do list. I always ran at the same speed, and feared the incline buttons on my treadmill because, well, running uphill is hard! But now I've come to love playing around with the settings on my treadmill, and my time on the treadmill flies by so quickly that I'm actually SAD when it's over. It feels great to finish a Cardio Coach challenge. And the feeling of finishing an entire Cardio Coach workout is AWESOME! This past weekend I discovered another hidden benefit of having Cardio Coach on my iPod... working out while traveling. I was staying in a hotel on Saturday night, and normally, I would dread the thought of using hotel fitness center equipment - how boring! But this time, I thought "Hey, I could really challenge myself today and try Cardio Coach on the stationary bike!" Holy WOW - what a workout! My legs were on fire! Thank you, Cardio Coach, for helping me to love my treadmill, and for giving me the motivation to work out while I'm on the road. You are truly a godsend.

On 2007-04-29 Sally Ostling from chesterfield, MI said:

I have two bad hips after years of jogging and high impact aerobics. I had to scale back my workouts to low impact, so I bought an elliptical. I think it\'s a great machine, but I love variety and get bored easily. Plus, I have put on 10 lbs this winter, and want to get them off by summer. I heard about Cardio Coach from some fellow fitness enthusiasts. I was sceptical, I wasn\'t sure I\'d like it. WOW! Sean, I have only completed volume one, once through and I all I can say is WOW! I am suprised by how hard I have NOT been working. You brought be to a great endorphine high this morning. I am so excited to complete the whole set. Thanks! Sally

On 2007-04-22 Jane Stevens from Vale, NC said:

Sean!! I just had to write and tell you I did Cardio Coach Press Play for the first time this morning. Tammy and Michele from the forums joined me in this workout today and we dedicated it to a friend of Michele's who is battling breast cancer now and has just started on this journey. What an awe-inspiring workout!!! I was so moved by it! I took to heart Jim's comments during the workout. I have battled rheumatoid arthritis since being diagnosed in early 1999 at the age of 38. After several years of my doctor trying to find the right treatment for my disease which is considered severe, I was finally controlled in 2003 but not after many many courses of prednisone which left my body in very bad shape, overweight, and miserable. With my disease controlled the first time in four years, I decided to take control, joined Weight Watchers, started exercising, and finally actually started running!!!! Which was no small feat considering I have RA in my feet and ankles as well as hands. I found Cathe Friedrich who has taken me to physically fitness heights of which I've never seen. Through her forums, I found you and Cardio Coach. My journey has not been as tough as Jim's and his attitude and zest for life amazes and inspires me. Thank you for providing a wonderful product that motivates me to continue to be the best I can be given the hand life has dealt me. Press Play will definitely be one of my favorites; I'll reach for it when I want to remember just how lucky I really am. See you in the workout!! Jane

On 2007-04-12 Tom Shaffer from Solon, OH said:

Sean, and all of you involved in making Cardio Coach what it is, I find it absolutely necessary to express my gratitude for what the Cardio Coach series is doing for me. Please allow me to tell my story, as briefly as possible! I have been told for years that I should work out, but being a smoker, it wasn?t too difficult to rationalize how working out wasn?t for me. I am 42 years old and have been smoking for over 20 of those. I recently changed doctors, and was told by her that if I don?t quit smoking within a year, she would fire me!! Well, I think I was ready to hear what she had to say, and I was finally ready to follow instructions. Her first instruction was to start working out on the treadmill every day ? even if it was just for 15 minutes. Well, after seeing and listening to some of the things she said, including what she is concerned about regarding the status of my heart, I made the decision to do it. This is where you come in Sean. I told a friend of mine and he told me about you. He gave me a copy of volume 1 to try out. He then said, ?oh, by the way, the music is great!? I popped it into my car cd player ? WOW! I was hooked on the music right away!! To shorten the story up, that visit to the doctor was over a month ago. I have been working out 5 days a week and I have quit smoking!! Right now, volume three is my match ? I tried 5 once and couldn?t do the third hill of the 1st challenge ? I think I cooled down for the remaining 30 minutes! I am so excited about this and I know that without you, my enthusiasm may not have been there to sustain me through the first week or so until the ?addiction? to working out took hold on me. Keep pumping out the volumes! THANKS SEAN!!

On 2007-04-06 Kathy Tillman from Meridian, MS said:

Sean and Candace, I just had to let you both know how much I enjoy the CC workouts! They are AWESOME!!! I think my favorite at the moment is Number 6 (Sean) it almost kills me, but I feel so good when I have completed it! I love all of the workouts! I thought that I was doing HITT cardio before I found the CC workouts, but after doing these workouts, I know that I was not even comming close to HITT! The workouts have definitely given me the means to get the most that I possibly can out of my cardio workouts! I look forward to meeting with one of you every day! Cardio has now become fun instead of a chore to get through thanks to your EXCELLENT workouts. By the way, I am a 54 year old grandmother and I am very very proud of myself that I can get through the cardio coach workouts. I cannot tell you how much pride I have in saying that!!!! Thank You Kathy

On 2007-03-31 Donna Slojkowski from Orchard Park, NY said:

Someone on the forum at suggested Cardio Coach to me as I was asking for a low impact workout to do. I had ACL surgery in September and just started getting back into exercise last month. I have a Nordic Track that I LOATHED until I downloaded a Cardio Coach. That 40 minutes flies by now and it's probably the best workout I get all week. I do it only once a week, but I attend 3-4 tae kwon do classes a week and do step aerobics as well. Thanks for giving me a way to enjoy the "easy on my knee" workout!

On 2007-01-05 Kathryn Hindley from Glebe, NSW said:

OH MY GOD!! I have just completed my first CC workout and I have never enjoyed myself SO much! I have been working out for 2 years and always hated cardio - so boring, but had to do it to burn those calories. Today I did CC(1) on the treadmill and the time just flew by. I had so many endorphins surging through my body [a combination of the exercise, music and encouragement] that at times I was in danger of crying with happiness. I worked hard, burnt calories and sweated and yet I didn't feel tired at all - in fact, I briefly considered starting from the beginning again [but thought better of it as I still had to lift weights!] Thank you so much - Sean is fantastic - even being an Aussie I didn't find it too "over the top" [sometimes you Americans have TOO MUCH enthusiasm for our taste, but not this time!] Kind regards Kathryn

On 2006-11-30 Marsha from Grinnell, Iowa said:

I just got back from a cruise and must say running on a treadmill, listening to Sean's soothing voice, while watching the sun glisten on the ocean was MAGNIFICANT, to say the least! A lot of people saw me with my ipod, adjusting my settings up and down and I was able to tell people from all over the world just how wonderful CC is! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would enjoy running, and now I can't wait to do it every chance I get. I just love CC3 when Sean says, now let's go burn off that ice cream! Makes me smile every time. Thanks a million!

On 2006-11-26 Michael Lamson from Middleton, WI said:

Thanks so much for your exercise series. I am a physician and gained a tremendous amount of weight during my residency training. I am now running and performing core and weight-training. My life changed once I started with your inspirational workouts and I couldn't be more thankful. Keep up the great work! Mike Lamson

On 2006-11-24 Patti from Reddington, PA said:

I have been using Volume 1 - 4 Cardio Coach for about the last 7 weeks. I love them. I would be interested in learning how some people have adapted the workouts with using a rebounder. Currently I use the elliptical and the recumbant bike. In the future, could there be a workout focused on using weights? Thanks so much.

On 2006-09-04 Judy S Jones from Brooklyn, NY said:

Cardio Coach Vol 5 is awesomeeeeeeeee. The Cardio Coach vol 1-6 is helping to decrease my potbelly. Thank you Sean and see you in the workout. Peace and Love Judy

On 2006-09-02 Lauretta B from San Antonio, TX said:

Hands down, the best cardio workout I have experienced in the 30+ years I have been training. Sean - you should be proud - every day you make a difference in peoples lives by providing encouragement, guidance and food for the soul....

On 2006-09-02 Anita Long from Smyrna, GA said:

Coach Coach helped me complete a Half Marathon! Thanks Sean!

On 2006-09-02 Jacklyn Bengtsson from Abu Dhabi, UAE said:

Cardio Coach has been great for my chronic fatigue as there are days when I can do a good workout and days when I can barely move my muscles. Cardio coach allows you to adjust your intensity to what your body will allow on the day where as a normal aerobic type class will not.

On 2006-09-01 Leela K from Westborough, MA said:

I used to primarily do workout at home using workout dvds. These are difficult, but the most I'd burn in an hour is about 500 calories. With 2 kids, full time job - and a dog and 2 cats, finding time to workout in the evening isn't always possible. Enter Cardio Coach - I now hit the gym at lunch time 3x a week to do CC - my faves are Vol 6 with Candace, Vol 5 and Vol 4. I am a huge zealot and I feel like i'm in the best cardio conditioning I've seen in my 40 yrs. YAY! Thanks Coaches Sean and Candace!! Power ON!

On 2006-06-26 Elizabeth Gatlin from Aberdeen, MD said:

I just tried out volume 6 and really enjoy it so far. One of the comments Coach Sean made was that he would like to hear from us about our settings. Well, here goes: Vol 6, Challenge 1, treadmill - I start out level 1 warming up at about 10:00/mile increasing to about 9:00/mile until I get my rhythm. At the start of the hill, I go to 8:34/mile with 1.0% incline, then 7:30/mile for the one-minute sprint at the top. Once that's done, I go back down to about 10:00/mile to rest for the next hill. By the end of the 4 hills/sprints of challenge one, I feel great....worn out, but great!!!! I use those settings when I'm doing just the one challenge (I incorporate other aspects of training in to my workouts, so I don't always use all the challenges at one time).

On 2006-06-23 Bobbie from Winston Salem, NC said:

Hi there, #1954 I have been using CC for about a month after seeing raves on a fitness boards I belong to.I am 51yrs. old and have put weight on in these"golden" years,ha! Anyway, I've been doing weights etc and other videos but cardio was down there on my list. Not now....I absolutely LOVE the Cardio Coach workouts and can't wait to get to the gym to workout on the treadmill .I love the music and my stamina has really improved. I can't believe it.!!! I was feeling lethargic and now after a month I feel GREAT...I have so much energy during the day and I feel like I'm in a much better mood. Ok,enough raving!!.....I know this is CARDIO coach but could you please,please do some workouts for weight work?I would love to have music and a guided workout doing different strength training moves.At any rate, thank you for the wonderful workouts and keep up the good work!!!!!

On 2006-06-09 Pat Mone from Mechanicville, NY, NY said:

Number 8573. I purchased a Ski machine some years ago and still use it regularly. I did what you usually hear about--20 minutes 3 times a week. Well, you do feel better with any aerobics, right? And I did, but no matter what I did, I could lose the weight or body fat! I had heard about interval training and tried to do it exercising 45 minutes to a hour and of course I lost a bit more. Then a few weeks ago, I came across the cardio coach website and purchased volume one as a MP3. The first workout went by very quickly and I liked it! So then I tried Volume 4. That was closer to how I've been working out! Then I tried Volume 6....had to wring my t-shirt out afterward. Anyway to make a long story short, in these past few weeks I have seen more weight/fat loss than every before. My resting heart rate is now 50 and I feel great. Thanks for all your hard work at Cardio coach!

On 2006-06-08 Krista Becker from Portland, OR said:

I was bored with my other workouts and definitely in a slump. I was starting to gain weight again (after working for a year to lose over 50 lbs). I needed some motivation and I found it in Coach Sean! I bought a rebounder and a kind friend bought me Cardio Coach #1. I was in love from the first time I tried it. The music and Sean's coaching is so motivating. I was never a runner, not a big fan of cardio machines and don't have access to any anyway. But with a rebounder and Sean I am back on track. I just tried Vol. 2 and I am even more motivated now. I have to remind myself that it isn't good to do interval training every day or I'd probably be doing Cardio Coach every day. I look forward to the days that I "get to do" Cardio Coach. I have never really pushed myself. I did walking videos, never really had a desire to be more than at an intermediate level. Now I am kicking it up to a level 4 and sweating and feeling so great. Now I know why people love exercising and why everyone seems to love Cardio Coach. So, thanks Sean for giving me the motivation to push myself further than I thought I could go. Your coaching motivates me not only physically, but emotionally, too. Your positive affirmations make me think positive thoughts about myself and that is something I don't do often enough. Thanks for all you do! Keep them coming!

On 2006-05-31 Lori Probst from Saint Louis, MO said:

Number 7315. My cable has been bitten off by an animal so I am using dial up to E-mail you because I wanted you to know that Cardio Coach has taken me through the lemons in life and has helped me to make lemonaide. I use to stand on the treadmill and wait for my brain to kick in, hoping my legs would then move. I discovered your web site through After buying Cardio coach V2 and V3, I put the C.D. in my player, fanny pack on my behind, stood on the treadmill and my brain heard the motivational music and words. My legs started moving, my heart rate climbing and 43 minutes later I was finished. Sweating and smiling. Thank you so much. I'm buying more. P.S. I would love a Nano so my behind would no longer be rubbed the wrong.

On 2006-05-31 Lorrie Benza from Chagrin Falls, Ohio said:

Got both volume 6's (why 2 6's and not a 6 and a 7 I'm not sure, but oh well). I'd grown used to Sean and really like him, so I was somewhat reluctant about Candace - till she kicked my a**!!!!!! WOW - what a workout. I'm using it for incline treadmill walking - maintaining the incline between 8 and 15% and oh my!! My glutes and hammies talk to me after every Candace workout - awesome!! Thanks for these, and keep up the great products! #3339 Lorrie Benza

On 2006-05-31 Jennifer Bown from Provo, UT said:

I got the mp3 of Volume 6 with Coach Sean. This was my first Cardio Coach, but certainly won't be my last. I was nervous about doing the workout the first time, because the breakdown sounded so challenging--a 20 minute challenge 1! But I had so much fun with the workout that I look forward to doing it frequently. I thought that there was no way I could do the third challenge. When I heard the desription of it, I nearly fast forwarded to the cool down. But in the end I decided to give it a try. I surprised myself by making it through--and by the fact that when I finally got to level 4, I actually felt that I wasn't working as hard as I had been in level 3. I guess I caught my second wind. I felt that I got a great workout--and a terrific confidence boost. Can't wait to try more workouts. 2179

On 2006-05-31 Margarita Cruz from Chicago, IL said:

#3595. Hello, with Cardio Coach my workouts are extreme fun. I honestly thought I was having fun before with music I would choose BUT with Cardio Coach I feel like I go into this "groove" and just the feeling that I get is hard to describe - it is truly a high. Cardio Coach has helped me improve my fitness level that I feel very confident to complete my first Bike Century - 100 mile bike ride in 1 day on October 1, 2006. My legs look awesome and I have lost a good portion of body fat because I recenlty took a chance to buy a size 8 jeans and - THEY FIT and I attribute that to using Cardio Coach. PS: I have all of Cardio Coach's volumes (1 through 6 including both Sean and Candace's Volume 6) - looking forward to Volume 7.

On 2006-05-29 Amanda Hahn from Overland Park, WA said:

4215. My sister just showed me this great CD and I am excited to get my workout to the next level. My big 40th birthday is just around the corner and I want it to be a big celebration of being small again! Amanda

On 2006-05-25 Sidse Dahlin from Lynge, Denmark said:

I just did a compilation of the steady states from vol. 2-4 (plus warmup, cooldown and stretch) this morning. I went outside walking in sand. I think I stayed in my orange zone the entire time, save warmup and cooldown. I had a great workout!

On 2006-05-24 Debbie Hollingshead from Uniontown, Ohio said:

# 2,006 Hi Sean! I have absolutely fallen in love with my Cardio Coach workouts. As a fitness instructor, I have learned over the years that variety is what makes things happen and that is just what CC has done for me. I battle my weight, which as an instructor is frustrating at times when I see how hard I work. CC seems to have given me the EXTRA push I needed. (Along with another video instructor I use for indoor days and strength work.) Not only have the workouts been a blessing but getting to "know" you, Karal and Candace has showed me not only that you care about the workout but the person IN the workout. You all just have a special warmth and love shine thru. I thank God for each of you. Keep the new Volumes coming...I anxiously await each & every one! HUGS & GOD BLESS~Debbie

On 2006-05-24 Anne Scalzetti from Manlius, NY said:

I have tried for years to stay motivated nothing worked until Cardio Coach. I am a mother of six small children and when I start to think I need to stop shortduring my workout, my little guy starts chanting as Sean - are you the lion or the gazelle. I love it when people say "Anne, you're a ball of fire, what is the secret ?" CARDIO COACH !!!! My number is 2000

On 2006-05-24 Suganthi Balasubramanian from Guilford, CT said:

Aaallrite, lets get it started :). Hmm, where do I start? I have written a lot about these gems, running out of words, so let me be to the point, thank you for making my runs sooo much fun, Cardioguru. Sorry Sean, you did not think I would let you off that easy, did you? Just in case you fall asleep before you read this in its entirety, the number I choose is 5000. Now settle down into Level 1 and read on. Dear Cardioguru Sean and Music Maestro Todd, I begin by thanking both of you with all of my ?Cardiocoached? heart. The music is enchanting, the countdowns are precise, the coaching is flawless and the entire package screams ?perfection?. I don?t know enough about music to critique it, all I can say is that I enjoy listening to music and if Todd picks the music, I will love it. Now when I think of making playlists with songs for running, I mentally assess it to see if it will get the seal of approval from Todd. Thank you Todd for this wonderful blend of music, it truly is an aural treat and for taking me to distant places. Spain was swell. While I love all the volumes, V4 still remains the darling of the lot. You won me over with V4 in one fell swoop. I knew how to run, but Sean taught me to enjoy it and crave it. I have been running with CC for about a year and a half now. My running has evolved since the first time I used CC with Jeff Order?s V1. I never worried about calculating my HR even though that is the crux of these workouts. The first few months I used these workouts, I gave it my all and meticulously tabulated and graphed my speeds (highly uncharacteristic of me). But soon, I got confused when I started to add in the inclines, muddled with the different challenges and tracks, perplexed as to why I couldn?t exactly remember the sequence after having done it so many times and amazed that I am still feeling giddy with excitement after one of my Cardiocoach runs. I also realized that it was unrealistic to expect dramatic two minute reductions in my mile pace and learned to appreciate the reductions that came in decimal increments of minutes. So I told myself, to heck with it, just enjoy the workout. I have transitioned from treadmill runs to outdoor running now. I no longer need the digital readout of the treadmill to force my legs to speed up to Level 3. While the music and Sean made it possible for me to achieve this outdoors, the belt on the treadmill moving at the preset pace allowed me to stay at that pace, but outdoors, I let my guard down easily. But with practice, I have overcome that barrier. My first run with CC1 (Jeff) was 2.17 miles and initially running 4 miles was a major thrill for me. Now I routinely run 4-5 miles and try to get in a 8-9 mile run once a week. A 30 minute run feels inadequate to me and I crave hour-long runs. I do sneak out of work every so often to satisfy the urge. Well, I could go on and on, but since all of you have real life duties to attend to and I need to have some writing material for the next contest [a Garmin Forerunner 305 would be nice ;) ], I will stop soon. Suffice to say that this continues to be a journey filled with excitement and surprises for me, running with Cardiocoach has taken me to many different emotional planes: started out as excitement, a proud feeling of accomplishment, but now I experience a whole gamut of emotions, ranging from sheer joy, child-like excitement, unbridled enthusiasm to a great sense of relief, calm, contentment and release of overwhelming emotions of gratitude, love and affection. Thank you Sean, for giving me the gift of health and for teaching me to coax my endorphins out. Thank you for your gentle, yet firm encouragement, for your impeccable sense of timing when you come to my rescue and remind me that it is just another 10 seconds to the pinnacle. I affectionately refer to Sean as my plaque remover and I truly believe it. Since my debut with CC, I have used other mp3 workouts and not one of them come close to your brainchild. You were the first to come up with this ingenious concept and your workouts are the best: technically sound, accessible to all fitness levels, superb coaching and inspirational Coaches notes that adds pizzaz to this mesmerizing package. I wish you huge success. But please explain this paradox to me Coach: I thought that running with you would make my heart strong, instead I find it becoming soft, sappy, emotional and forgiving! Do you think running with a HRM would fix that problem?

On 2006-05-23 Pamela Dilawri from Ottawa, Ontario said:

I've been a fitness enthusiast for many years-once a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, amateur body-builder, and long distance runner ( 10 K - marathon). After having two babies born 11 mnths apart, my body wasn't in the shape it used to be- until now- until Cardio Coach and a great trainer ( I must give her some credit too!) I run on the treadmill for at least 1 hr. five times/week ( boy was I getting bored)- until I met Sean's voice and challenging workouts. I love vol.4 & 5. I just recently met Candace in vol. 6, and I love her! Thank you so much for the daily workouts. Your inspiration and vocal presence makes all the difference. I recommend it to everyone at my gym!! my lucky no. is 1017.

On 2006-05-23 Julie Davis from Darwin, NT said:

I have never in my entire life (I am 42) be a regular exerciser. Years would go by whilst I thought about the fact that I should exercise and how good it would be for me but that I just hated exercise and used the excuse of not having enough time, would not be able to achieve sufficient benefit etc. Sean, Cardio Coach has changed all that! I have been using Vol 1 for about 4 months now and I love it so much! Having never before been an early riser, I realized that the only time I could ensure I did my exercise each day (and walked my darling dog) was before work and I now rise at 6am - yes 6am!!! And I love it! I wake up and hear that music in my head even before I put the ear phones in. I am now jogging during the challenges and Sean, I have not jogged since I was 9 years old and was forced to enter a school carnival race. And I love it! I can feel the benefits every day and I crave that feeling of having pushed my body beyond its comfort (sloth) zone. And I love it! I no longer have the crushing guilt of knowing what a sloth I am and no longer avoid my beautiful dogs pleading eyes. And I love it! I am still working on the third challenge of Vol 1 and almost ready to graduate to Vol 2. Thank you Sean and the team for changing my life, health and attitude and making it possible for me to love it. My number is 2512

On 2006-05-22 Raquel Espino from Corona, CA said:

My number is 2006 I just LOVE!! Cardio coach. The only thing that I find difficult is actually getting to the gym..Other than that, cardio coach makes my workout time go by quicker. Thanks.

On 2006-05-22 Laura L. Puzio from Stanhope, NJ said:

Cardio Coach pushes me to go longer, harder and faster than I ever thought possible! Sean has a great voice and very motivating, too. Thanks! # 1240

On 2006-05-21 Christy Burns from Houston, TX said:

Cardio Coach is the BEST! # 780

On 2006-05-21 Wendy Boone from Geneseo, IL said:

It must be 3243. Oddly enough this is also the number of sweat beads that drip off my face when I'm done with CC #4! I love this workout. It has pushed me past what I thought my limits were and has helped me lose my pregnancy weight - 40 pounds- since January 1. Thanks so much and keep up the amazing work and remember that what you do is SOOO much more than just making a workout CD, it's changing lives, especially mine.

On 2006-05-21 Judy Zinn from Golden, CO said:

I do cardio work three days a week. I have all six volumes of Cardio Coach and rotate through in two week sessions. Great! The workouts are terrific, pushing me as needed, but allowing me to push myself as well. It's nice to be able to rotate through in two week cycles alleviating any boredom which may creep in. #142

On 2006-05-20 Patricia Neptune from Anchorage, AK said:

My number guess is 3,759. Here in Anchorage it starts getting too dark for me to run in mid-October (my best time to run is at 5AM), there are too many moose in my neighborhood! The treadmill is not my favorite alternative, but Cardio Coach has pulled me through this winter in fine shape! I have not gained back any of the weight I lost last summer and my running times are even getting faster. It's like having a non-judgmental running partner who is always ready to go!

On 2006-05-20 James Lewis from Carrabassett Valley, Maine said:

Cardio Coach workouts not only allow me to accomplish my goals and improve my performance, they provide for me a mental focus and clarity that motivates me and keeps me looking forward to my next workout session. 1943

On 2006-05-20 Heather Painter from Olympia, WA said:

What I like best about Cardio Coach is it brings out the inner athlete in me. There is something about the combination of the music and the challenges (especially the sprints!) that makes me believe I can always push myself a little bit further. Moreover, Sean and Candace's comments seem to always come at exactly the time I am getting tired and feeling tempted to quit. Their comments help me to keep pressing on, and I always feel so much better at the end of the workout. (: I have LOVED watching my stamina improve, and because of Cardio Coach, I feel like I have the confidence to try running and maybe someday enter a fitness competition. Thank you. (: My number = 1,879

On 2006-05-20 Christy Andrews from North Canton, OH said:

I have Vol. 1 & 2 and love them. I was running on the treadmill but have since switched to outdoors. I love the music and Sean is very good at coaching me to the finish. I would love a version with cadence music and coaching for outdoor running without the stuff about changing your equipment. If you have it already let me know which one it is - I'm buying it. My husband & I run 5K's and take turns pushing our daughter in the jogger. When he is pusing the jogger I like to listen to instrumental music and zone a little. I'm guessing number 46. (It's my birthday June 7th and that's how old I'll be so I'm hoping this is a lucky number!)

On 2006-05-20 Karen S. Donnahei from Palisade, CO said:

I have volumes 1, 4, and 5 and all of them are quite a challenge. I do not use staionary equipment, choosing rather to listen while I run. All of them push me harder and farther than I thought I could go. Most of all, I really find myself responding when Sean starts pushing and encouraging at the end of the challenges. The music keeps me moving towards my goals. I truly enjoy CardioCoach, and suggested it to one of my co-workers, who uses the programs even more than I do. Thank you all for your efforts to make exercise enjoyable, personable, and productive! After much thought, and a negative number on the calculator, I choose #1123. Thanks.................Karen

On 2006-05-20 Wanda Evans from tucson, az said:

As a Cardio Coach newbie, I'm asking what took me so long to find out about these challenging and motivating workout programs? Hope 4281 is my lucky number!

On 2006-05-20 Rebecca McNaughton from Evanston, IL said:

I love the countdowns at the end of the challenges and comments during a tough long interval that lets me know there is 'only 30 seconds' left. This keeps me pushing myself all the way to the end. Also, thanks for giving such great detailed descriptions of the workouts on the website. I like knowing exactly what the challenges will be to help me decide which volume to do on a particular day. (My number is 702.)

On 2006-05-20 Tracie Pannell from St. Charles, IL said:

I have been enjoying version 2 of Cardio Coach. I like the music and the coaching helps keep me going! I push hard because of the coaching and I'm not a person who pushes myself hard. Thank you Sean. My number guess is: 13,644,688

On 2006-05-19 Melissa A. Biery from Fort Worth, TX said:

I once took it for granted that I had exposure to Sean on a regular basis by being a member at Inlet Fitness and taking spin classes that he instructed. But a sudden career change in direction moved me to Fort Worth, and now I am thankful that I can still work out with him via the Cardio Coach series. Even though I've gone through the workouts so many times, I'm always continuing being pushed through the Cardio Coach workouts. Thanks, Sean. And yes, I miss you and your banana eating ways! :) Melissa. I'm going with 2828.

On 2006-05-19 Veikko Karilainen from Nokia, Outside US said:

I have had a stationary bike for over 7 months, but is has improved my fitness level only for 4 months now. Guess why? That's when I found Cardio Coach! It has helped me to get my sessions even 6 times longer! Without Sean my fitness level could be pretty bad after Finnish winter.. Thanx for the great workouts!! I couldn't live without them. My number is... 3901

On 2006-05-19 Lynn Adamick from Redondo Beach, CA said:

The Cardio Coach CD's make riding my stationary bike a joy rather than a chore. Sean is right there pushing me every step of the way. His encouraging words and the great music make the work flow so smoothly that I don't even notice how much effort I'm putting into the workout. The Cardio Coach CD's make me look forward to my next workout. 1967

On 2006-05-19 Barb Bunt from Pottstown, PA said:

Cardio coach has inspired me to continually push myself to jog faster and longer then I ever thought possible. Owning all the cardio coaches available provides me with a wonderful mix to meet my daily challenges at my local track. On recovery days there are shorter workouts and on those days I need to kick butt, I pull out CC5 or CC6. Keep them coming. I love these workouts!!!!! 1716

On 2006-05-19 Denise M. Ruble from Mishawaka, IN said:

Since January of this year, I've been incorporating your Cardio Coach workouts into my overall fitness program. I'm hooked! I'm actually running and I look forward to every workout!! I've lost weight and inches but most of all, I'm proud of my ability to take it up a notch--I owe that all to you Sean. Many blessings!! Denise, who will choose number 355

On 2006-05-19 Susan Melusky from Concord, NH said:

I am 56 yrs old and totally love all the Cardio Coach workouts I have so far. I have the first 4 volumns and I have resisted moving on thinking that they would be too hard for me. I am ready for another challenge. They are the best. Thank you Sean. My number is 15

On 2006-05-19 Nicole Kapit from New York, NY said:

Since starting to use Cardio Coach (I do volumes 3 & 4 back to back) I was able to break a long plateau in my weightloss! The MP3's have also cured my workout bordem. My total weight loss to date is 75 lbs and going....! Thanks for creating such a great product. Im going to pick number 2003, because thats the year I started my weight loss journey!

On 2006-05-19 Martin Fletcher from Hastings (England), East Sussex said:

Hi, and welcome from England. My wife, daughters and myself all think that your Cd's are great - we have numbers 1 to 5 so far and are looking forward to trying out number 6. We enjoy working out to videos (Tae Bo especially), but it is good to get on the cardio machines and get pushed to work harder. And the winning number is 3264

On 2006-05-19 Roger Igielski from Waukesha, WI said:

I have enjoyed Cardio Coach for only a few months, but I use it faithfully whenever I do cardio. It's been very motivating!! It gets my heart rate up like nothing else has and does it in a fun, positive and motivating way. In a short while, I get a much better workout than I used to by sitting on a machine for a longer period of time pumping at a moderate rate of effort. Thanks for the tool!! Number 777

On 2006-05-19 Barb Bunt from Pottstown, PA said:

Cardio coach has inspired me to continually push myself to jog faster and longer then I ever thought possible. Owning all the cardio coaches available provides me with a wonderful mix to meet my daily challenges at my local track. On recovery days there are shorter workouts and on those days I need to kick butt, I pull out CC5 or CC6. Keep them coming. I love these workouts!!!!! 1716

On 2006-05-19 Robin Fleischer from Peabody, MA said:

number - 3,001 All I can say about Cardio Coach is that it is the best cardio program on the market. I look forward to cardio now. I don't have to force myself to workout. I find the versatility amazing. I use it on my rebounder and my recum. bike. Also, for the first time in my 46 years, I am now taking my workouts outside. I recently did a walk/jog with vol1. These workouts are not gimmicky. They work. Seans is motivating and just seems to know at what point in the workout to give some encouragement. Candace is awesome too. I find that I am able to create a workout based on my energy level and never get bored. If it's a low energy day or I don't have much time, I have vol 1. If I'm feeling like I can take on the world and time is not a problem, there are vol 4, 5 and 6. If I have extra energy but not much time, I can make a longer vol. shorter. I know my aerobic fitness has improved because I find that each time I do a volume, I can go longer. My other aerobic workouts are now easy compared to Cardio Coach. I could go on and on and on. I have recommended these to friends and I will continue to do so.

On 2006-05-19 Michael Singer from Indian harbour BEach, FL said:

David Greenwalt (from the Leanness Lifestyle) recommended the Cardio Coach - saying he uses it daily. Living in FLorida, I prefer to run outside. But as I get older, I have been slowing down dramaticly and I got Cardio Coach to use on a tradmill. Before I started, I had a difficult time staying for more than 12 minutes on a treadmill, even with a TV. Now, it seems 30 minutes pass very quickly. I have not lost any weight, but I think my heart is getting better conditioned, my 5K race times are down a couple of minutes and I think my max heart rate is higher. I have used the first 3 volumes and love it -- keep producing excellent products -- thanks. My number is 3194

On 2006-05-19 Staci Ramrakha from Fairview Heights, il said:

I used to dread using stationary equipment and would spend my entire workout staring at the clock to see when it was over. I always quit early, and I never pushed myself. With cardio coach, the time flies by and I get the best workouts I've ever had. I can really notice a difference in my level of fitness in my other activities as well. In short, I love cardio coach! Number: 4,754

On 2006-05-19 Lori Lundquist from Lillington, NC said:

As soon as I heard about Cardio Coach I knew it would be a great addition to my weekly training. They are versatile in so many ways. I use them on the treadmill, spin bike and on the elliptical. I can go as hard or easy as I want and I always feel great when I'm done. Sean (and Candace) provide just enough inspiration and motivation with each workout. I look forward to each new release! The number I am guessing for the contest is 19.

On 2006-05-19 Nancy Taylor from Manakin Sabot, va said:

I LOVE the cardio coach workouts, Volume 6 is FANTASTIC 2822

On 2006-05-19 Lauren Caputo from Bridgewater, NJ said:

I wasn't sure I would like it but once I tried it, I was hooked! The encouragement really helps to keep me going!! And, what a workout!! It's great! #818

On 2006-05-19 Gina R. Smith from Middletown, CT said:

#520 I first tried Cardio Coach about six months ago. I totally love addicted to it. I try to carve out time every day to do at least one workout. I'm already up to V5. The great thing is that it has pushed my Cardio workouts into a new realm. Even the hour long V5 goes by in no time. I'm finding myself smiling and feeling exhilirated at the end of each workout. On days when I cannot manage to get a workout in I sometimes just listen to the tracks for inspiration. I have told many people about these workouts. Greatest thing since sliced bread! Gina R. Smith

On 2006-05-19 Amelie Prefontaine from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC said:

I was bored of doing cardio training without any stimulation. Then a friend of mine told me about Cardio Coach. I downloaded it and I am hooked! I am much more focus and I realized I was training too hard. Now my workouts are envigorating and I feel great!!! Thank you very much! And I pick number 4289! Have a great day! Amelie

On 2006-05-19 Stephanie from , TX said:

I never ran, not even when I was a little kid, until I tried Cardio Coach. I couldn't understand why people would want to run for fun when it is so painful. Listening to Sean it isn't painful at all but invigorating. Now the sprints are my favorite part and I know that I get better everytime I do it. Thanks Sean! My number is 457

On 2006-05-19 Linda from anywhere, KS said:

When I started using Cardio Coach over a year ago, I was not a runner. I started my "running quest" using Volume 2, walking most of the time and slowly jogging during the intervals. As I improved, I purchased more volumes and went from mostly walking to mostly jogging. Last September, with the help of Cardio Coach, I ran my first 5k!! I am now 8 months pregnant, and my Cardio Coach sessions are again mostly walking, but Coach Sean has kept me motivated to stay active during my pregnancy. I look forward to my return to running after my little one arrives!! 4325

On 2006-05-19 lisa dircks from hopkinton, ia said:

I found out about Cardio coach by accident from my 20 year old daughter who has a CD. I got online and downloaded two versions right away. I love them. I have since downloaded the rest of them. I use all the workouts. Depending on how much time I have and how I feel delegates which workout I use. I never could run before, but I do now. Working out is no longer boring. The time goes by so fast. Thank you for creating these great workouts. 500

On 2006-05-19 Kurt LaMont from ORANGE, CA said:

Sean, the workouts are great. I'm not sure I would be able to get the intensity of workout without the support your coaching gives. I find I get an emotional lift as well as the physical one when I'm finished. Keep up the good work, this is a much needed product and I am hooked! 3287

On 2006-05-19 Renee Winkler from Orem, UT said:

I have every volume of Cardio Coach currently available and I can't begin to choose a favorite. I love how the music pulls me through the challenges and pushes me to new heights. I love how Sean and Candace seem to say just the right thing at the right time to keep me going. One of my favorite comments is in volume two. Right after challenge 2, Sean says "Good job on challenge 2. You.....(I love this pause) just got better." And I always say, "Yes, I did!" Thanks for such great workouts! My number is 3,674.

On 2006-05-19 Kevin from Lockwood, ma said:

My wife enjoys your product very much. Thought I might give it a try. My Guess-694,200

On 2006-05-19 Kris Kennedy from Virginia beach, VA said:

I never get tired of my 5 Cardiocoach workouts. I choose which one I feel like on a given day based on time limits, energy level, and equipment and I just go. Time flys and before I know it I'm done. I continue to improve over time with faster times and longer distances completed with the workouts. I feel like I see Shawn all the time because I've been coached through the Cardiocoach workouts.

On 2006-05-19 William Sorrentino from Virginia Beach, VA said:

Absolutey outsatnding workout in Volume 6. I have never felt stronger and Candice is a wonderful inspiration in my head...moving me along to new workout heights. 3 is my number...which is 3 times a week doing volume 6.

On 2006-05-19 Meredith Baker from Jefferson City, MO said:

I have been using Cardio Coach for a little over a year now and I just love them! I started using them after I bought a treadmill and they made the treadmill workouts so much more enjoyable. Since then, I've also started using them on my spinning bike and rebounder. I have volumes 1-4, but want to get the rest as soon as I have the money. Sean is great at getting that last little bit of energy out of you just when you think you can't do any more. My number is 2567.

On 2006-05-19 Ana Cabrera from Chicago, IL said:

Before CC, I thought the only good workout was from the treadmill but now I realize it's because I just wasn't pushing myself on the bike or elliptical, partly because I couldn't just set the speed and forget it. CC has really improved my endurance and speed. I've even shaved 2 minutes off my mile, 2 minutes!!! lucky number 2,588

On 2006-05-19 Sandy Alford from Bellevue, WA said:

I love cardio coach! I have volumes 2, 3, 6 (Candace) and 6 (Sean). My cardio workouts are the most intense ever and they fly by, leaving me feeling great! My number is 1888.

On 2006-05-18 Rhonda Brand from Mount Ayr, IA said:

Cardio Coach makes treadmill and ellipitcal work FUN! The time flies by and soon, I'm done before I hardly knew I started. OH, and the number I'll pick is 439

On 2006-05-18 Tamikka Johnson from Bay Area, CA said:

I found CC through the message board. What a great find! I have volumes 3-5. I really enjoy how quick and intense my workouts feel. I can't wait to put them to further use to find out what cardiovascular and weight loss results I will achieve this summer. My question: Is it possible that we might have a negative number if more people submit than expected? LOL I'll say 33! Keep up the awesome work.

On 2006-05-18 Diane P Johnson from Eagan, MN said:

I have known for a long time that cardio is where it's at, but I always end up cutting it short because I get bored out of my skull! Not any more. I looked down at the panel the first cardio coach workout, and I was flabergasted that 35 minutes had flown by!!! I loved it. It feels good, I'm ready to take on the next challenge, I want the challenge to last 15 more seconds to see if I can do it, I don't want the workout to end. I feel like for the first time I get my money's worth when I'm doing cardio. I love the music too, it's never boring. It's always the right groove. Keep 'em coming Sean, and I'll keep doing them. Thanks!!! 1743

On 2006-05-18 Susan Kibre from Redwood City, CA said:

Hi - I actually signed the guestbook yesterday but hadn't read the newsletter until today. Let's see - to put it succintly, I love Cardio Coach! It has totally changed my time in the gym. Basically, I was mucking around and not getting the most out of the equipment. Now I know that even if my time is limited, and someone is on the piece of equipment I want, I can still go on a treadmill and get a kick-ass workout. But mostly I love using it on the elliptical. I love the comments about being strong and changing my life, it's so inspiring. Thank you for such a fantastic product!I've been using Cardio Coach for 3 weeks now, and I love it! I really didn't know how to get the most out of my gym time, and now I can see that I was taking it easy and just trying to mark time off. Now I really sweat and work hard, and I can feel the difference in my strength and energy. Thank you for such a fantastic product! I heard about you on a NutriSystem message board. Almost forgot - my lucky number is 2518.

On 2006-05-18 Kelly Ringle from Pottstown, PA said:

I love Cardio Coach! My 1st is Vol. 6 with Candace. What a workout! I have never been so inspired before!!! I can't wait for 7!!!! My "magic" number is 2312

On 2006-05-18 Jill Pederson from East Troy, WI said:

Sean, you have inspired me more days than I care to admit! I can't tell you how I used to DREAD doing cardio. Now I am enthusiastic about using the CC workouts on both the treadmill and the elliptical machine. I can't thank you enough for the excellent product. You make my workouts fun! Thanks sooooo much! I pick.....2,510

On 2006-05-18 Lora Cooper from Youngstown, OH said:

Cardio Coach has brought new life to workouts on the rebounder. I love the variety of equipment I can use with Cardio Coach. Sean is the best! My pick is 71.

On 2006-05-18 John Gerring from Charlotte, NC said:

Cardio Coach continues to mature and I am glad that my workouts go right along with it after two years. With all the exercise gimics it is great to see someone like Sean and his staff put out quality products, volume after volume. Thanks to the Cardio Coach team. I pick 2775.

On 2006-05-18 Kathy Shapiro from Atlanta, GA said:

I've owned a treadmill for six years and an elliptical trainer for four years, and I'd just about given up hope of ever finding a way to really enjoy them. I used them, sure, but it was strictly "eat your vegetables" exercise. Then I found Coach Sean. Wow! A year later, I'm sure that if my treadmill and elliptical could talk they'd beg me for a vacation. To say I LOVE Cardio Coach is an understatement. I think the whole series is sheer genius. It's inspiring, it's motivating, and the fun factor is HUGE! I love every volume, although I confess I'm partial to Volume 5 and the new Volume 1, and I love both Coach Candace's AND Coach Sean's Volume 6. Each time I do a Cardio Coach workout, I'm challenged to my limits and I'm left sweating, breathing hard and grinning from ear to ear. And the results have been fantastic. Last month at my physical, because I'm about to turn 51 and come from a family filled with heart disease, my doctor wanted to do a cardiovascular treadmill stress test on me. I'm proud to say that my results were off the charts great -- in the "elite athlete" category, according to the doctor! Now, I think that's stretching it BIG time, but this mom-of-a-college-kid is certainly keeping the old ticker healthy, thanks in gigantic part to Cardio Coach. I'm so grateful, Coach Sean and Coach Candace. Keep the new volumes coming and make 'em tough -- I'm ready! And my number, by the way, is 3976. :-)

On 2006-05-18 Andrea from Amargosa Valley, NV said:

My number 1996 Cardio Coach is one of the few things that keep me from getting bored on my treadmill. Each volume gets harder. 6 is still killing me! I'm afraid of 7! While CC is made for indoor cardio equipment, my favorite way to use it is on my outdoor runs. I set course records that way :o) Andrea

On 2006-05-18 Tammy Cassaro from Delmar, NY said:

Cardio Coach workouts have made my treadmill runs a BLAST! I love them all and my favorite is whichever one I am doing! I'll pick #2006 for my lucky number.

On 2006-05-18 Belinda Carroll from Lawrenceville, GA said:

My number is 730. I love Cardio Coach. So far, I have Volumes 1 thru 5, and I plan to get the rest as soon as I can. Before using CC, I used to HATE my treadmill. In fact, we were enemies! It would just stare at me from the corner of my living room, and I would just stare back, loathing it and myself for not using it. Then one day, I heard about CC on a fitness board that I frequent, and I decided to download the free download of CC2. I listened for a bit (not on my treadmill), and I thought, "Naaaah..." Then a few weeks later, I popped the CD in and got on my treadmill just to see what would happen. All of a sudden, I noticed that I was enjoying the warm-up... "No way,...I thought...but I stayed on." After the first challenge, I was hooked! The workout flew by, and when it was over, I said to myself, "That's it??? It's over?" The next day, I did CC2 again, and I loved it! The workouts just flew by so quickly! I was loving my treadmill! That very day, I ordered CC 1 and 3. When 4 and 5 came out, I bought them too! Now, I use CC almost every week, and love my treadmill...and Sean! My favorite is CC5 (so far). I love being the lion or gazelle, and my five-year-old daughter always pretends to be the other animal--either telling me to run faster, or she'll be eating me for dinner or shrieking to me that she'll never catch me because she's the fastest gazelle on the savannah! (She loves that because her name is Savannah!!!) Thanks, Sean! I love Cardio Coach, and it loves me...uh, well..., my treadmill loves me! Belinda Carroll

On 2006-05-18 Lori Seaborn from Grand Forks, ND said:

Cardio Coach helped me reached my weight loss goals. It makes any cardio equipment a pleasure to use. Time flies. Fat melts away, never to return. Exercise will always be a part of my life now, a constant partner in health. My number is 3793.

On 2006-05-18 Anita Carter from St. Louis, MO said:

I have 3 of the cardio coach workouts and really like them. You can use the program whether on the treatmill or bike or elliptical. I jog and use the other cardio machines (as well as lift weights) and sometimes get bored with my programs. I have been able to "kick" up my workouts and bring back spark to those workouts. I choose #1010!

On 2006-05-18 Aaron Kahana Dobson from Kailua, HI said:

Thanks so much for the CC! It keeps me company on my solo jogs or while draggin' thru cardio sessions in the gym, keeping me distracted enough to actually finish the timed program! At first it was weird listening to "the voice" b/c I kept looking around, like "Who is that?" The carefully alternated workouts, like on my V5 are awesome intervals, really gives me a workout! (#1443; mm/dd of my anniversary added to that of our son's birth)

On 2006-05-18 Linda G. Burke from Poolesville, Maryland said:

(I have chosen 1978 as my number.) CardioCoach has made my cardio workouts exhilerating. I look forward to the rush when making it through one segment and getting ready for the next. The music takes you places, and you soar. I really love these audio tapes. Thank you, Sean, you make working out a blast! Linda Burke

On 2006-05-18 Aaron Kahana Dobson from Kailua, HI said:

Thanks so much for the CC! It keeps me company on my solo jogs or while draggin' thru cardio sessions in the gym, keeping me distracted enough to actually finish the timed program! At first it was weird listening to "the voice" b/c I kept looking around, like "Who is that?" The carefully alternated workouts, like on my V5 are awesome intervals, really gives me a workout! (#1443; mm/dd of my anniversary added to that of our son's birth)

On 2006-05-18 Cheryl from Milwaukie, Oregon said:

Cardio Coach has been the motivator I needed to caryy me through the last 12 weeks of training for my first figure contest. I love how they make time go by so quickly and the music is awesome! I don't have any excuses anymore to not do cardio! It's impossible to let your mind wander off and get bored. I am totally hooked and highly recommended them to my friends. My number is 1130

On 2006-05-17 Susan Kibre from Redwood City, CA said:

I've been using Cardio Coach for 3 weeks now, and I love it! I really didn't know how to get the most out of my gym time, and now I can see that I was taking it easy and just trying to mark time off. Now I really sweat and work hard, and I can feel the difference in my strength and energy. Thank you for such a fantastic product! I heard about you on a NutriSystem message board.

On 2006-05-16 Kathleen Teasdale from Nashville, TN said:

My confidence level has increased to a whole new level due to the fact that I can now say I'm a bonafide "runner." I'm 43 years old and enjoy running so much, now that I have my own "personal" iPod coach, Sean (and now Candace). I love the endorphins that running produces - there's just no better feeling from exercise. I'm in the best shape of my entire life and always look forward to hitting the trail with my Cardio Coach. I can't believe how easy it is to run an entire hour now! Sean, can you make a few even longer ones? Thanks! My number is 1677.

On 2006-05-16 Joyce from Fort Wayne, IN said:

Cardio Coach has changed the way I workout at the gym. Instead of biding my time on (insert piece of equipment) I now knock out 35 min. to an hour of good, solid cardio work before hitting the weights. My cardiovascular strength increased and my dread factor decreased. I cannot do steady state cardio without my Cardio Coach workouts. (3,545)

On 2006-05-15 Christine from Denver, CO said:

I love Cardio Coach! I have never enjoyed cardio, but now I can say I am a runner! Sean's motivation and the music keeps me going and the workouts are over before I know it. I own every Cardio Coach volume and have passed the word on to family and friends. Thanks for all the help and encouragement! My number is 4374.

On 2006-05-15 Ronnie Miller from East Hartford, CT said:

Im a aerobic instructor and I wanted some one else to motivate me for a change. I loved It!!!

On 2006-05-15 Fiona from Adelaide, South Australia said:

Thanks to Cardio Coach I now exercise on a regular basis (five or six times a week). This is the first time since primary school that I've managed to sustain regular exercise for more than a couple of weeks. Previously I would make an effort for a couple of weeks and then just give up, then a few months later I'd do exactly the same thing. The amazing thing about Cardio Coach was that I started to see a small difference in my fitness levels after only a week and a half!!! I reckon that was the main key to keeping me going for long enough to start to see even more benefits to my fitness and my health. I now look forward to exercise instead of dreading it!!!!!!!!!!! My lucky number is 1739.

On 2006-05-13 Laura Cornutt from Gadsden, AL said:

I've lost 50 lbs. since I discovered Cardio Coach in May of 2005. It has changed the way I view exercise. Instead of it being a chore, I actually enjoy and look forward to my workouts. What a rush Volume 3 is! Thanks for all your help Sean. NUMBER 1974 Laura

On 2006-05-13 Saundra Cheek from Bucoda, WA said:

I have all the Cardio Coach's including both versions of #6. All I can say is Wow! The coaching plus Todd's music is a magic combination. It feels extremely personal as I become part of the music and strive to meet the challenges the coach expects. It is very easy to just get lost in my imagination and truly enjoy the surprises in the sound effects that sneak up on me. Keep them coming. I've begun to think of marathoning at age 50 next May! My lucky number will be 4950 (49now50then!)

On 2006-05-12 Ingrid Wollmer from the Boro, NJ said:

hello sean! i have been doing cc for well over a year now and every single volume still sounds as great as the VERY first time and keeps making this heart P U M P. My absolute favorite will remain what I feel is the toughest one out of them all: cc4. And, I LOVE the music in cc5- no matter how tired I am approaching that last challenge, those motivating drumbeats erase any doubt I might have about finishing all the way through. Of course, volume 6 with Candace is an endurance DOOZY. I always think, how many more can Sean make?? and, I CANNOT WAIT to get your version of CC6 in my ears. Knowing that cc7 is in progress makes me absolutely HAPPY. MORE MORE MORE. Did i mention MORE!!!??? I have used everything- videotapes, steady-paced music produced for walking/running, my own mixes, and plenty of workout toys BUT YOUR CARDIO COACH VOLUMES are what I reach for first when I want to feel the burn, sweat MORE than buckets and be challenged time after time (after time!!!). Thank YOU!!!!! PS My number is.............lucky numba 34!!! ;-)

On 2006-05-11 Tanya Lazarevich from Adelaide, Australia said:

Hi Sean! You have made such a huge difference to my life over the past 14 months. You have made my cardio sessions fun and something to look forward to! I am now also addicted to exercise (and I say that's all your fault!). Your workouts and motivational style have played a big part in me losing 70 pounds! Thank you so much for making these brilliant workouts and I know vol 7 will be your next master piece. My lucky number is 3825.

On 2006-05-11 Barbara from Delray Beach, FL said:

I love the cardio coach workouts. I've purchased all 5 of them and about to purchase Volume 6. They help me stretch to my potential limits and the time goes by quickly. Thank you for these wonderful products. I tell everyone I know about them.

On 2006-05-11 Kathryn Hampton from Boise, ID said:

There has never been anything out there that could keep me moving my legs and push my heart rate up more than Cardio Coach! It takes the boredom and every day routine out of my aerobic exercise. Now, without spending a lot of time worrying about what my diet looks like, I am seeing my body change just because of the magnitude of this exercise workout. Thanks for taking a chance that there would be people out here who would think this is great!

On 2006-05-10 Becky from Champlin, MN said:

I'm totally addicted to Cardio Coach. I started with Volume 2 in February and now I'm in love with my treadmill. No more boring workouts! Listening to Sean and the fantastic music has helped me emotionally and made my legs so much stronger. I tell everyone I know about my love fest with these workouts. As I've said before, "Pardon the gushing, but I'm so happy to have found Cardio Coach!" Keep 'em coming, Sean! My number is 2034.

On 2006-05-09 Liz Richardson from Fairfax, VA said:

I can't believe we're going to have the honor of yet another volume release soon!! That's fantastic! CC has been part of my regular workout routine since February 2005, and I've enjoyed every new release so far! As my fitness level has improved, my desire to be challenged has deepened. CC is a great way to enjoy cardio, make the time fly by, and increase your overall cardiovascular performance, AND anyone at any level can use it. Nice job, as always, Coach Sean!! 3431

On 2006-05-09 Melissa McCreery from Bellingham, WA said:

Cardio coach inspires me to run faster and longer every time I use it. I always get a better workout and the time flies. I pick 3987 as my number.

On 2006-05-09 Latha from Highlands Ranch, CO said:

I love cardio coach, it has improved my cardio session a lot. Thanks to CC, I am more consistent in my cardio workouts. My one suggestion is may be have a steady state volume so that we can use CC every day instead of alternate days. 1365

On 2006-05-09 Lisa C from Sarnia, Ca said:

Cardio Coach workouts get me moving seeing my full potental before I would have done pretty much anything not to exercise That has all changed in the last few weeks since I started using the CC wourkouts. Time flies while I am working out and before I know it the end is there. My number is 2437

On 2006-05-08 Sandy Alford from Bellevue, WA said:

I love the cardio coach!! I've done two work-outs so far and they've gone so quickly and I've hit my high point each time. The music and words are really motivating. They make me want to give it my all. I pick 2888 as my number between 1 and 5000.

On 2006-05-08 Sandra Moyo from Calgary, AB said:

Until I used the Cardio Coach workouts, I would rather have watched paint dry than run on a treadmill. That has all changed in the last few weeks since I started using the CC wourkouts. Now the time flies by. Who knew there was a runner inside me waiting to be unleashed! I'm using the CC workouts to train for my 10km race in July. 2674

On 2006-05-08 Marc David from Walnut Creek, CA said:

Sean, there's never been a better cardio coach audio series. Your expertise and skills when delivering these sessions shows thru but the real golden halo effect comes from the passion in your voice. I hated doing cardio as a true bodybuilder. But when I started reviewing and doing your series, there's no doubt in my mind or my myo-tape that I put on muscle. Thanks Sean for all you do! Sincerely, Marc David

On 2006-05-08 Holly Rintala from Houghton, MI said:

I've been telling everyone I know about Cardio Coach. I am amazed how the time flies during these workouts. I have tried an interval training program on my treadmill before, and I know I have never been able to push myself like I have with Coach Sean beside me. I am having a hard time cross-training with other workouts (even though I know I have to). I'd rather do a Cardio Coach workout! Thanks for making this 43 yr. old mom feel like an athlete again! (3665)

On 2006-05-07 Lisa Fessenmeyer from Milpitas, CA said:

Great workouts, fun, motivating. The more I do these, the more I want to do. Each and every time I do one, my times and fitness has improved. When I regularly do them, my weight gets less and less, which is great. My number 3130

On 2006-05-04 Susan M Shallow from Orange Beach, AL said:

Thank-you - Thank-you - Thank-you! You have inspired me, stayed with me and challenged me. . . .I cannot imagine a workout on the eliptical without you. Keep them coming - I am catching up with you!!!

On 2006-04-30 Patrick Brooks from Santa Monica, CA said:

Customer service was so good today, I'm ordering volume 2. The responses were incredibly fast, helpful, and to the point. Very, very well done. Thank you.

On 2006-04-24 Nancy Taylor from Manakin Sabot, Va said:

I LOVE all the Cardio Coach workouts and just purchased CC6 with Coach Candice. It was TOTALLY AWESOME and great to have Sean and Candice there together. Thanks for putting together another fantastic workout and I look forward to Sean's version of #6. Nancy

On 2006-04-11 Nicole from New York, NY said:

Since starting to use Cardio Coach (I do volumes 3 & 4 back to back) I was able to break a long plateau in my weightloss! The MP3's have also cured my workout bordem. My total weight loss to date is 70 lbs! Thanks for creating such a great product.

On 2006-04-06 Rocky from Sunshine State, FL said:

I did Cardio Coach Vol. 6 this past Tuesday and all I can say is that it totally ROCKED! Coach Candace, you were fantastic in this workout. You enabled me to push past what I've ever thought I could do. By the end of the workout, I was literally jumping out of my seat in victory celebration. I'm already looking forward to working out with you again. Coach Sean, I truly appreciated your presence in the background counting. It was nice knowing that you were there helping me along this amazing workout. The music was also quite amazing. Kudos to the music team! Cardio Coach Vol. 6. is AWESOME!! Thanks again for putting together another fantastic workout and for introducing to us the amazing Candace Grasso.

On 2006-03-26 sheila from boston, ma said:

I consider myself an advanced exerciser and started with v5---wow!!! V5 has changed my performance (running & other) and really helped me get pumped about working to increase my speed and develop fast twitch muscle fibers. I now own every volume (except v1). I mix and match volumes to extend my workouts. When I'm at the gym, I switch from machine to machine and never, ever get bored. I use my beloved cardio coach series at my local gym and whenever I travel. I snowshoe'd in Vermont with Cardio Coach V4&5 up a mountain, I hit the gym everyday in Vegas (pre-buffet damage control ;) with Volumes 3, 4 & 5. I ran daunting hills in Seattle with V5 and hit the gym in Cancun everyday overlooking the ocean with volumes 2-5. I check your site almost daily waiting for v6 and just recently registered for my first ever running race!!!!!

On 2006-03-21 John C. Barrett from Orlando, FL said:

Wow, I have been searching for a workout that would give me the biggest workout in the shortest time; you see I am training for my 4 Ironman race. As you can guess, my time is very tight, I run a company workout in the morning, either running or working-out on my bike with the trainer and swimming at lunch. My bike work out seem to be getting stale and I was looking for some excitement and a challenge, When listened to the demo and reviewed the workout, they seem challenging enough, boy was I wrong - they have been an inspiration and I just can't wait to get to the next one. I just finished your Volume 4; I probably went at it too hard since I died in the last Sprint, got to give it another try. Can?t wait to work up to Volume 5 (yea I bought them all) Thanks Sean, keep them coming!!!!!! JB

On 2006-03-16 Roger Whiteway from Virginia Beach, VA said:

I first met Sean during the winter off-season two years ago, when I took his spin class at Inlet Fitness. At this first class, Sean offered a strength test on a stationary bike to the group to measure their progress. I signed up, and was impressed with Sean's knowledge of sports physiology and his commitment to helping anyone willing to make an effort to improve.

I am in my fourth year of competing in Masters track events ? specifically the 400m. When I decided to get back into track events, I wanted to go for what I recalled was the most painful event ? the 400. The 400 is all about dealing with anaerobic thresholds. Sean's spin cardio program, with its emphasis on periodicity and intervals is a great complement for my on-track interval work.

Thanks Sean,

Roger Whiteway, 59

Virginia Beach

On 2006-03-12 Crystal Payne from Wallingford, PA said:

I love your workouts. I started with 2 and recently purchased 3, 4 and 5. Workout 3 was a blast. I'm looking forward to trying the rest. Variety helps me stay on track with workouts. Your style is great; any chance you can get a female voice on your tapes. It would be great having a female push me. Keep up the good work; you really make a difference.

On 2006-03-10 Laurie Marrelli from San Diego, CA said:

Thanks so much for your great product. I just did #4 and it really made such a big difference in my workout. I can tell that the cardio interval training I was doing by either using the machine's built program or by me changing the intensity at certain times (if I remembered) wasn't nearly as effective as having you there to coach me. Thank you, I really love your product!

On 2006-02-28 Sherilyn from Littleton, CO said:

You have done it! You have solved my problem and given me a new fitness boost simultaneously. I cannot jog/run on pavement or tracks due to my joints, but I love the rebounder. Alas, good rebounder workouts are VERY hard to find, almost always too short, and get boring quickly. THIS system is the BOMB when used with the rebounder! I can run high knees like football drill or low and fast, or just plain easy does it, OMG, I am in heaven. I didn't know time could fly so fast while dripping sweat! I love it so much that I ALWAYS rewind at least 2 challenges. MORE MORE MORE!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful series. V4 is the love of my life so far, but I bet you will change that soon! BIG SMOOCH to everyone involved in this and keep em comin!

On 2006-01-30 Mary Ellen Coblentz from Mendham, NJ said:

Hi, I purchased vol 3&4 cardio coach 2 days ago, have used it twice and LOVE IT! Recommended it to a friend today and she is also purchasing it. (Maybe 4&5). I was reading the web site to help me understand my fitness level and max HR better. I wanted to calculate it according to the Karonen formula but eas time I click on the link below it takes me to DEC...a video preview of Vol 6. "Should you want to use a more advanced formula (heart rate reserve or the Karvonen Formula), go here" Thanks for a great program. I'll be back for more! PS, I'm a 58 year old female that just started running 2 years ago. Can't tell you how my joints, knees and my whole body is feeling soooo much better .. pain free and happy!...osteoporosis is NOT going to get me.....

On 2006-01-30 barbara Greenspan from westport, cT said:

I can't believe how great these programs are! Thank you so much!!! please keep me posted on new ones!!!

On 2006-01-21 Melanie Brechka from Hillsborough, NJ said:

Sean- I thought these workouts were a challenge on the treadmill, however today I took Cardio Coach to the running path for the first time. I did the same run I have done every spring and summer but this time I covered just as much ground in 40 minutes instead of an hour. I could not believe how fast I was running and how much more challenging the run was when I did not have the treadmill to keep me going. It was a whole different workout at a whole new level!! Thank you for keeping me healthy and feeling great! Melanie Brechka Eastern Regional Sales Manager, and mother of a two year old....

On 2006-01-20 Chris DeVore from Colorado Springs, CO said:

Sean, I got Cardio Coach 5 through the Beginner Tri site and got to use it today. It was a great workout. It was definitely nice to have this kind of tool to use on bike (spinning) and a very welcome break from my normal workouts on a stationary bike. I will be purchasing some more as the paychecks come in. The only suggestion that I would make is to have some workouts that are geared specifically towards triathlon biking or running; such as, cadence work, isolated leg work, etc. It's a great product. I had been wanting to try it for a while and I thank you for the opportunity to try it before buying it. Thanks! Chris

On 2006-01-16 Thelma from Basingstoke, Hants said:

I received Cardio Coach 2 as a freebie from Global-fitness, I have never been so motivated when doing bike work, infact I enjoyed it so much, I am now going to purchase a couple more.

On 2006-01-04 Will Grega from New York, NY said:

Sean: I wrote about you and Cardio Coach on my blog tonight: Thanks for everything you've done for me, man! Will Grega

On 2006-01-04 Abbe from Dobbs Ferry, NY said:

Hi Sean, I just wanted to say I like your Cardio Coach concept. I've used it with my treadmill. The only problem is that I wish I had some visuals to go along with the audio. I've been watching my treadmill time read-out during the workouts, to have something to look at. I wanted to suggest that you make DVDs, so that we will have visuals to go along with the audio, either with yourself coaching others on treadmills or other cardio machines, or with scenery. Thanks!

On 2006-01-03 Donna Cruz from Peoria, Il said:

Sean, I have Cardio Coach volumes 1-4 and enjoy all of them. They push me to work harder than I ever would on my own, and I have a great time doing it. Your coaching and the great music make all the difference -- I actually look forward to my treadmill time! Thanks for creating a product that makes such a difference for me. I was just wondering if you had ever considered making an audio-coached weight lifting program. I think a total body, advanced weight lifting volume would be very popular. A lot of women on the fitness boards are doing Body for Life and other programs and I bet that, just like me, they would love to have a pyramid up routine, cued for timing and how hard we should be challenging our muscles, inspiring us as to what we can achieve, set to great music. I figure if you can help me push myself in cardio, you could help me push myself in lifting just as well. What do you think?

On 2005-12-21 Linda Burke from Poolesville, Maryland said:

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for these wonderful training sessions. I get up at 5 am, and it's always a strain -- it's so cold, I'm tired, and the warm bed is sooo nice. As soon as I switch on Sean, though, he brings me to life and I start to fly on my Eliptical. I love the music, and Sean keeps you going until the very end. Thank you, Sean, you are really great!

On 2005-12-19 Lisa Nielson from Portland, OR said:

I just finished my first cardio coach workout session- I am on a total high! I feel like I really challenged myself and it was the one and only time I have ever worked out on a treadmill and actually had a good time. For that and more, my hat's off to you Sean! Lisa

On 2005-12-08 Barbara Cadogan from Sykesville, MD said:

Shawn, The cardio coach CD's are great! They provide the right amount of motivation at the right time. the intensity of my individual workouts have increased since I started to use them. I was telling Candace at spin class the other night how pleased I am with them.. so much so that I have all five volumes now.

On 2005-11-24 Doug Brown from Littleton, CO said:

I was looking for a program that I could use indoors on my bike trainer for winter when it gets cold in Colorado. I found it Sean's CD's they are fantastic, with the right mix of music and his encouragement you are done with the workout and do not even realize it, I look forward to working out. I put CD 4 & 5 on my Christmas wish list, I can't thank you enough. Doug Brown Littleton Colorado


Dear Sean I am writing this from Johannesburg, South Africa, where I work as a database administrator in the financial division of a mining company. About a year ago I started to lift weights seriously. At the time I was 42 years old (turned 43 in Aug). Before then, I tried to keep fit, but when there is no consistency in your routine, you're just kidding yourself. For the past year, I have been doing 3 - 4 days cardio/week and 4 - 5 weight lifting sessions per week. Cardio was only done as a means to cut body fat, seen as a necessary evil to achieve an end. I did everything I could to make it more interesting, investing in an MP3 player was my first step. However, for months I was just chugging away, between 30 and 40mins at whatever preset program the gym's cardio equipment had (I varied this quite a bit to alleviate the boredom). Then, I purchased a few volumes of Cardio Coach and a heart rate monitor. WHAT an eye opener it was, to observe exactly what my heart rate was doing!!! I realised why I never achieved one of my goals, to bring my heart rate down to the 40's. I was not training right! Let alone the fact that the last few % bodyfat was stubbornly clinging to my upper thighs. Even though I have only been at it for 10 days now (I do 5 sessions, Mon-Fri) my resting heart rate is the lowest it's ever been at 51 bpm! It is such a pleasure, to not have to concern yourself over the specifics of cardio training. I hate bikes, so dislike spinning classes. Your product gives me the opportunity to choose other cardio equipment and more importantly, the option to do the workout in my own training time. Congratulations on a fantastic product and a revolutionary idea. With kind regards COLLEEN VAN ROOYEN

On 2005-11-06 jan kranz from darien, ill said:

I LOVE CARDIO COACH....I have 3 4 and 5 I love it

On 2005-10-26 Elizabeth Gatlin from Columbia, SC said:

I had lost my motivatio to run after sustaining a back injury this past summer, but I pushed anyway to heal my back (after sufficient rest, of course) and started working out with Cardio Coach vol. III. I LOVE IT!!! It actually helps me get going, get my motivation back, and actually enjoy running on the treadmill (which I have never enjoyed). I'm really glad I found Cardio Coach and can't wait to get another volume.

On 2005-10-16 Krista from Portland, Or said:

I have heard of your though Video Fitness and am wondering if you have some sort of couch to 5k training program or if you have ever considered one. I have lost over 45 lbs in the last year, so I am not really a couch potato. I workout 6 days a week to fitness videos, so I at least have that background. I want to run a 5K in early January for my son. I lost him Jan 2002, to a heart defect. He was only a week old, but forever touched my heart. I have a daughter now, but will always miss my son. I want to do something great for him. I think a marathon might be out of my reach, but maybe I could do a 5k. I think I will even keep a written log of my journey and submit it to a parenting or fitness magazine. So, anyway....have you ever thought of doing this? The women over at VF rave about you and I figured that if anyone could get me in shape for it, it would be you. What do you think?

On 2005-09-11 Adam Law from Virginia Beach, VA said:

Sean's ability to get me through a grueling workout is second to none. He does more than cheer me through it, jumping up and down on the sidelines. He is in the game with you, pushing you like all coaches should. He tells you what is happening to your muscles and why you\'re getting stronger when you push yourself. I have broken through more barriers with Sean as a coach, then I could have on my own. If anyone should be known as the great motivator, it's Sean. Thanks again.

Adam Law

On 2005-06-13 Cindy Clark from San Jose, CA said:

Workout : All four. I like them all?no favorites! It's nice to have different lengths/intensities for different days. I also like the music-only versions for walking! Gripes : None at all. compliment : Everything is great! I procrastinated on ordering these for some reason and I can't figure out why I did?these are great workouts and I'd recommend them to anyone! Howdidyouhear : AnyComments : Can't wait for the next one, and the one after that, and the one after that... Are you considering a "subscription" program, so we get new workouts automatically when they are produced? Thanks again!

On 2005-05-23 Sharon Nagy from Pittsburgh, PA said:

I use Spinervals workout series by Coach Troy Jacobsen for my cycling workouts. I didn't think that there was something comparable out there, as that whole series is!! But, I recently purchased Cardio Coach for my running workouts, Volume 2, and LOVE IT! I am very challenged, and really find that I'm running more than I did without it--harder and longer! Amazing. I think it's really going to make me a faster, and better runner. (which is my weak sport) I would highly recommend Cardio Coach for anyone wanting to take his/her running to a new level...and it's fun, too! Running usually isn't fun for me...haha The time just flies.... There's not much at all on the market in the way of audio instructional cd's for running a HUGE thank you for coming up with this series!!! Regards, Sharon Nagy Pittsburgh, PA

On 2005-05-23 Dorina McDevitt from Phoenix, AZ said:

Hi Cardio Coach Team, Your product is so great! I have been using Volumes 2 and 3 for about a month. I've even done parts of them between weight lifting circuits to keep my heart rate up. I just finished Volume 4 today and it was fun not knowing what was going to happen next. I almost died when Sean made that joke about the rest only being 10 seconds. I was exhausted at the end of the workout. I can't wait for new volumes so I can add them to my workout rotation. Thanks for producing such a high quality product! Dorina

On 2005-05-16 Chris Miyachi from Andover, MA said:

My name is Chris Miyachi and I live in Andover , MA .? I'm a 42 yo mother of three young children and we are an active family.? To go to a gym is nearly impossible for me so I use Cardio Coach to make sure I'm in shape for our skiing and snowboarding trips.? Here I am with my three kids with Mount Washington in the background.


On 2005-05-09 Mary White from Cypress, TX said:


Sean, you wanted feedback so here it is.? I am loving my new cardio coach?Vol 2 &?4.? I haven't tried Vol 1 yet and Vol 3 didn't rock my world like the others, but I am just sitting here waiting for Vol 5, 6, 7, 8, get the picture :o).

I started running with the Couch to 5K?program, but my speed sucked...really sucked.? I finally busted past an 11-min mile with CC, and yesterday I did 5 10:30-min miles.? 5!!!!!? I finally felt the "runner's high" I've heard so much about.? I can't wait to get back on my treadmill!??I even heard my husband using it while on the elliptical (we have boom box in the room that houses our cardio machines).? Now I'm thinking I need to take it to the gym to use?with the stairmaster.? It's addicting!!!?

Thanks for your motivation.? I can't wait to see what you come out with next. :o)


On 2005-05-05 Amy Vonk from New York, NY said:

I downloaded all four workouts and just finished v.1 on the elliptical today. I usually do a 45 minute preprogrammed workout and barely break a sweat, so I was surprised to be DRENCHED at the end of 30 minutes. I'm a cynical type of person and don't like "motiviational" types of books/workouts/audio, but the combination of the well-chosen music along w/ Sean's instructions really pumped me up and made me go for it during the intense intervals. I'm looking forward to improving and going further each time I use v.1. Thanks!!! If v.1 was this great, I'm sure the rest are awesome as well.

On 2005-04-22 Nancy Sathre-Vogel from Boise, Idaho said:

Great workouts! But they are not only good on stationary equipment. I use mine while rollerblading and they work great! Granted, it isn't safe for me to get up to Level 4 while skating on neighborhood roads, but I just sub in Level 3 and still get a great workout!

On 2005-04-12 Elizabeth Richardson from Fairfax, VA said:

Happy Birthday Sean! I completed (yes, completed) Volume 4 yesterday morning and I absolutely LOVE IT! When I read that it was ready for purchase, I was anxious to download it and start my workout with you. I read the description of the challenges on your website. And, I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive about the intensity of the challenges. But after I finished I was so very proud of myself! I've never been a runner before, but with your help I have become more fit and have learned how to control my breathing by staying in form. I don't pant. I have controlled breaths and and truly enjoy working out with you. When I was doing Volume 2 at the gym this morning, there was a women next to me on the treadmill. She had a trainer there with her, and he was guiding her through an interval workout. I could tell because I noticed her changing her speed and incline (and she was wearing a heart rate monitor). What was different was that her trainer left her alone to figure it out by herself after about 15 minutes. You were with me the whole time, and that is very important to me. I've never been so motivated to go to the gym and exercise before work. I look forward to my workouts now, and can challenge myself ever time. Thanks very much Sean! Eliabeth Richardson Fairfax, VA

On 2005-03-28 Chris Lester from VA Beach, VA said:

Being an airline pilot, I go to many hotels with some sort of aerobic machine, either an old stairmaster clone or a cheap elliptical knock-off. Normally, I force myself to crank out a half hour, just to say I did indeed "work out". However, with the coach's #3 mp3, I almost feel like I'm back at Inlet Fitness. I've even started travelling with my heart rate monitor to keep up with the instruction. So, when we get to the airport, get the hell off the jet, so I can start my workout.

On 2005-03-22 lisa doyle from virginia beach, va said:

I have been fortunate enough to use all volumes of Cardio Coach and am thrilled to say Sean's workouts just keep getting better. Not only do I use it when I spin but also when I run. The results I'm getting are truly amazing. Not only am I feeling and looking more fit but my endurance when running has increased incredibly. For those who need motivation to work out Cardio Coach is definitly the way to go. I feel like I have my own personal trainer with me all the time. Thanks Sean for all the encouragement. Couldn't have done it without you. Lisa

On 2005-03-21 Adam Law from Virginia Beach, VA said:

Sean's ability to get me through a grueling workout is second to none. He does more than cheer me through it, jumping up and down on the sidelines. He is in the game with you, pushing you like all coaches should. He tells you what is happening to your muscles and why you're getting stronger when you push yourself. I have broken through more barriers with Sean as a coach, then I could have on my own. If anyone should be known as the great motivator, it's Sean. Thanks again.

On 2005-03-16 William Curry from Walpole, NH said:

Sean O'Malley’s Cardio Coach CDs are unquestionably a fitness breakthrough [an over-used word but utterly fitting in this case]. There’s much to like here: The professionally composed background music really grabs you, the tempo carries you up and down in sync with the prescribed level of exertion and Sean’s personable voice motivates you and builds confidence. The emphasis on using a heart monitor to learn about your unique heart capacity is educational and reassuring as well. Read the Full Review

A vigorous Cardio Coach workout will leave you with a worked out body vibrating with feel-good endorphins and a crystal clear mind. You’re truly ready to take on the rest of your day. But there’s more! Sean’s real genius lies in creating a seductive, interactive and supportive experience that makes difficult lifestyle changes possible and sustainable. No wonder he received a U.S. Patent for his innovative approach. A machine-based cardio exercise program is hard to maintain on your own. It’s boring and lonely unless you have the resources to hire a personal fitness coach. Well, no more excuses –- now you can have a challenging and compassionate coach and friend at your beck and call any time of day or night. Think of Sean in a CD as your genie in a bottle. Turn him loose and you can learn to live each day with the energy of your full potential. What more could you ask?

On 2005-03-14 Dawn Cone from Virginia Beach, VA said:

The Cardio Coach CD's have been a great asset to me! I was definitely a cardio hater! It was so BORING and grueling without something to make it fun! I decided to try a Spin class at the gym, and it happened to be one that Sean was teaching that day. I had never heard of him or Cardio Coach. After that one class, I was hooked! I learned of his CD's that night as well, and bought them right then and there. Sean teaches class just as you hear him on Cardio Coach. He is truly motivating and encouraging. When my schedule doesn't allow me to take a class or two during the week, I use Cardio Coach. I alternate strength training with cardio every other day, and I now look forward to cardio more than strength training. I never thought that would be the case. I have found that by using these CD's I get the motivation I was lacking trying to do cardio just to music. Cardio Coach pushes me just when I'm at the point of needing it, which makes me push harder than I would have on my own. He makes me want to work 120%! What I also love about Cardio Coach is that I can use it on the treadmill, bike, elliptical, stair climber, etc. It is so versatile. I also love that I can take it with me when I travel, and I can still get in great workouts! Sean has truly helped me to find the "inner athlete" in me that hadn't fully emerged. I am seeing the results that I've been searching for from my workouts, and I know I have Sean, Cardio Coach, to thank for it. He is a wonderful coach, motivator, and friend! He truly cares about you and your fitness success! I wish you much success! You deserve it! Stay strong, Dawn Cone

On 2005-02-24 Deborah from Manassas, VA said:

Hi, Just received my CD in the mail - thanks so much for the speedy delivery. My question though, you refer to Zone 1,2 and 3 for heart rate. How do I know what my heart rate should be in these zones? I am 46. Thanks

On 2005-02-10 Michelle Hamblen from Indianapolis, IN said:

Thank you, I love it and am going to get the next two volumes as well. I knew how to do cardio but the guidance and encouragement you give is GREAT and it keeps me going. VERY Happy Customer - Michelle

On 2005-02-03 Kylie Lindbeck from Kambah, ACT said:

I am a Personal trainer myself (just starting out) i am generally pretty motivated and love working out... except when it comes to cardio, try to delay it or make excuses not to do it. I just found it BORING. Love taking the Combat and Spin classes but the times didn?t suit. I brought your Mp3 pack of the 3 sessions, put it off to even have a go but after doing it the first time (which the time went so quickly) i LOVED it, it sounds Corny but it really felt like i had my own PT right next to me if I was slacking off, Sean just encourages you right the way through. Best way to do cardio For sure. He makes you work but feel excellent when your done.

On 2005-02-03 Colleen from n/a, n/a said:

I just wanted to say that I LOVE the music for Vol. 4 but I cannot wait until Sean\'s voice is on there gently coaching me along. By the way, if this is Sean reading this (we have had other contact before) your sister definately has a beautiful name :) When will Vol. 4 be out with the coaching on it? And, I am still really eager and excited for the 7 day audio set to come out :) Colleen

On 2004-09-22 Patrick Jarrett from Atlanta, GA said:

So, I must admit my spam filter nearly caught your email but I snagged it from the folder and read through it. Being in college I am very short on two staples of life, money and time. I'm a third year computer science major at Georgia Tech and thankfully the campus provides me with a wonderful gym. And now, with your guided workouts I try to make sure I workout at least three times a week. Unfortunately, with a college student's life, my schedule is very erratic and so finding time for these workouts is often quite daunting. But with your workouts I just pop them onto my CD player or my palm pilot and head off to the gym to work the bike. Your workouts work wonderfully for me for several reasons. The music is awesome because it allows me to zone out and ignore the strain of a good workout and because it works on my schedule. I don't have to make a time to meet up with a trainer or worry about missing my workout partner. I downloaded #3 and look forward to putting it into action tomorrow morning!

On 2004-08-12 Kris Kennedy from Virginia Beach, VA said:

Your Cardio Coach? CD is a blast. The music makes the time fly by. You are motivational without being intrusive. The challenges encourage me to test my limits; and to my pleasant surprise I'm faster then I thought. It is just the right balance between rest and work. Interval training at it's best. Thanks, Kris

On 2004-07-09 Bruce Bingham from Virginia Beach, VA said:


My Cardio Coach™ CD has been a real source of enjoyment and inspiration. Aerobic and weight training are a way of life for me, however there is a huge difference between working out and working out effectively. Now instead of putting in my time at the gym and trudging through 20 minutes of aerobic activity I have more than doubled my aerobic time. With my virtual coach in my head set, I feel like I fly through 40 minutes, challenging myself more and working much harder through the intervals of greater exertion.

I was introduced to Sean O'Malley spin class and his style of interval training, integrating effort with cadence to the beat of the music, at Inlet Fitness in Va. Beach. It was so much fun I was thrilled to learn about his CD's. This gives me the flexibility to cross train on the Stairmaster, elliptical, or spin bike with Sean as my virtual coach. It's great to fit my workouts into my schedule, not the gyms. I end my workout invigorated and looking forward to my next opportunity to workout.

Thank you for contributing to my renewed vitality, enthusiasm, and over all health, and above all, an excellent workout.

In good health,
Bruce Bingham

On 2004-05-16 Aim?e Skinner from Virginia Beach, VA said:

Like many of us, I don't always have the self discipline to work out by myself.??My strategy has always been to take exercise classes and/or hire a personal trainer.??At the gym, Sean is my favorite?group?cycling?instructor because of his emphasis on physiology and heart rate monitoring.??His technical approach provides a measurement for levels of exertion and ultimately for performance improvement.? He carefully plans our cardio activity to include climbing, sprints and steady state.? Unfortunately,?I can't always get to the gym.? Left to my own devices, I will reluctantly go?for a?run.? In a word, it's BORING.? Sean recommended I try his CD, Cardio Coach.??It was just like being in?his class.? My slow, lazy jog and random sprint to the mailbox has become a beautifully timed and monitored interval training session.???My own personal coach leads the way and time?flies by!??Cardio Coach pushes?you to the maximum, yet?allows?periods of recovery,?promoting?a feeling of invigoration.??Sean always says, "You shouldn't leave here feeling like you've been hit by a truck!"? Yet I always thought the objective of working out was to kill yourself.? No pain, no gain.? I was wrong.??Cardio Coach?works us?smarter not harder and longer.? As a result of?Sean's cardio workouts and personal training, my body has experienced the?most dramatic?improvements of my life.??Over 4 months, I lost 20 pounds and 2 dress sizes.? My heart rate recovery has improved significantly and my energy level has tripled.? I feel fantastic!??Thank you, Sean, for your motivation and encouragement.? I'm thrilled your support and expertise can be experienced by?so many people?through Cardio Coach.? I?wish you?all the?best - and many more success stories!? ?


Aim?e Skinner

Virginia Beach, Virginia

On 2004-05-16 Bob Veith from Virginia Beach, va said:

I am 50 years old and have been working out with weights for more than 30 years, and playing racquetball and doing aerobics for the past 15 years. I started taking spin classes because I was looking for something that was more challenging and produced positive results. That is were I first met Sean. During his classes he emphasis your hear rate and the various levels, and the music he chooses is very specific to the cadence you are working during that particular interval. Since training with Sean in Spin classes and utilizing his cd's as my personal trainer, I have lost 26 lbs. over the past 3 months. If you are into any type of cardio training, then Sean's programs are a must for your workout regimen.
Bob Veith

On 2004-05-16 Scott & Danielle from Virginia Beach, VA said:

I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and decided that my gut had to go.? I had to get back to the gym.? I started taking your spin and fitness classes.? Your classes and instruction helped motivate me to keep on going.? So far it has been a couple of months and I have lost about?30 pounds. My goal is 43.?Almost there.? My problem is that I can't get?to Inlet Fitness on a daily basis? due to my work schedule out of town.? So, three days a week I have to use a different gym where there is no structured spin or?fitness classes during the time that i can get there. I end up using LifeCycles to get in my cardio....very boring!!? ?This is where CardioCoach comes in.? It is almost impossible to get a really effective workout without a group of people and an instructor in a room trying to acheive the same goals and pushing each other to go the distance.? CardioCoach is like my own personal trainer pushing me along. ? The music and your?coaching in the background keeps me on track to go the distance. I highly reccomend it to anyone.

On 2004-05-16 Francine Phelps from Blackwood, NJ said:

Hello Sean,

Cardio Coach ROCKS! I'm a CPT/ group fitness instructor and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Sean's Cardio Coach to ALL fitness enthusiasts! His cds?personally?give me the edge to DIG DEEP,be true to my training?&?escape my reality?of constant giving to others?! He lets me GIVE to me what I've promised that I?want to achieve? for that day physically and mentally!?His guided workouts deliver a mind body connection that is REJUVENATING not cult like?while giving encouragement/praise when needed(not overbearing)! The whole setup of his guided?workouts are? simply?perfect?! Sean's skills & expertise?shine through his cds!?The coaching at the right times,motivating words, story telling throughout the journey,his visualization and want for us to be HONEST in our training so that we can be the best that we desire to be are a few examples that you'll experience every time you workout with Cardio Coach!?You will feel his presence &??He is with YOU ALL THE WAY! ? PS His MUSIC ROCKS TOO!

On 2004-05-09 Padraig from Tipperary, Ireland said:


HI Sean,

Hope this mail finds you in good health.?I have now used cardio coach about 17 times, using different workouts each days and my reaction is still the same, this is one of the most powerful cardio tools on the market today. I don't believe there is a person out there that could not be motivated to push themselves to the limit when using cardio coach.

I have shared my ipod with a few of the people who workout at the same time as me in the mornings (6.30am) to get their reactions....all asked where they could purchase a copy... I told them I would let them know soon... so if?you are still interested in?distributing in Ireland I believe there is a market.?

Also just to let you know most of Ireland has broadband (1Mb) so downloading?is?a very viable option, but some people?also like the idea of having?a CD?in their hands after making a purchase.?

So to close let me thank you for your company every morning, I have broken every personal cardio record I have had in the past 2 weeks and as you say yourself.......... " ahhhh come on now" there is more there. By the way you may never have been to Ireland or know your roots but let me tell you some of your expressions are distinctly Irish

Padraig O'Dwyer
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7 Carrig Duin, Thurles
Co. Tipperary , Ireland

On 2004-05-09 Jim Gill from Mt. Airy, MD said:


I went to the Beach over the weekend and when I got home today about 5:00pm, your CD was waiting for me. I was so excited. My wife thinks I'm crazy because all I talk about it working out with "Sean". (Little does she know that she too will be addicted to Sean soon enough). I put my son to bed about 8:30pm and I could not wait to try the work out. Here is my review:

As I write this email, sweat is still trickling from my head. (I guess volume #2 passed the sweat test) I give this Volume an A. I can't give it an A+ because I am of the belief that we can always improve. I did not have an exhausted feeling when I was done as I do with #1, but that may be because I was holding back to see what the challenges where. I did, however, feel like I had a solid workout and burned some fat and calories. I guess also...I might be getting into better shape because last week I did your #1 work out on Monday and Tuesday. Then on Thursday had a 2 hour Mountain Bike ride (of which I worked so very hard) then over the weekend we walked the Boardwalk (Ocean City, MD) like every night. In addition, I was taken back by the level 4. You see with version #1 my level 3 is just shy of death (ok that is an over exaggeration), but when you threw in level 4 I had to kinda adjust my settings to make level 4 just shy of death. So that too may have something to do with the fact that I did not feel as tired as with #1.

Anyway, I think the CD is great. You know when you say.. "Don't touch the button yet"? I wanted to touch the button until you said not to, so that was great. There are several other phrases that I can't think of right now that were great as well. I just remembered one...You say several times to smile. Well in VO2 Maxed #1 I feel so good at the end that I smile and It makes me feel great. In #2, when you say to not only feel good, but because my earphones are buds in my ears... the music perks up in my ear because your jaw pushes your ear canals open wider. (just a small side note...) The music was also great. I myself am a huge fan of instrumental music, so the compositions are awesome for me to listen to. As I have been doing your workouts I have often said, "I wonder if I can do this workout while I jog on the street." And even though you may not be able to simulate an instant hill, you can sprint and stuff. Which brings me to my next point...The fact that you put the music only portion at the end of the CD is brilliant. People can take that music and run with it out on the track, on a trail, or on the road. I love that. It is like you read my mind when you were creating #2. So my final thoughts are...This is a great CD...I love it ... I will use it off and on with #1...and I hope you come out with more and more versions, so I can choose the workout in the future. (oh by the way ... I want to clarify ... I am in no way a fitness expert. I am a regular 30 year old Joe, trying to get into better shape. And, anything I say, can be used to help promote your product) "Regular Joe fat guy, Jim, says, I love VO2 Maxed workouts".

Jim Gill

On 2004-02-16 Jenni from Radford, VA said:

Hi. My name is Jenni and I am 20 years old I learned about cardio coach from Beth Hayward, and it has really helped me. ?I am an athlete at my university and I recently got injured while running Cross Country. Cardio Coach forced me to workout and not just go to the gym and ride the bike without working at it. I can actually keep my cardio up to where it needs to be so that when I am healthy again I can go back to running and competing not trying to catch up with everyone else.

20 Female Radford,VA

On 2003-01-23 Kristy Eaves from Washington, DC said:

I used to attend your spin class at Inlet Fitness and that is how I became a fan of spinning. Right away, I started noticing a difference in the tone of my rear and legs. Also, they way you taught the class, made it challenging and I felt so good and more energized when I left. Since I've moved, I was glad that you had CDs available so that I could continue spinning under your instruction. I have the Volume 2 and Volume 3 and they are both excellent. I am anxious for a Volume 4. Have you considered making a CD that lasts an hour? I usually repeat one or two of the challenges, if I have enough energy to do so, in order to be able to spin an hour. This technique is fine but I would definitely be excited about an hour of spin instruction without having to repeat challenges. Keep up the good work in making exercising fun and helping people achieve their goals in fitness.