Meet Our Team

Cardio Coach™ Ambassadors

Cardio Coach™ has been such an influence in so many lives. In fact, if you read and of our glowing reviews, anywhere on the internet, it appears to be YOU are our best form of advertising.

After reaching out to our Cardio Coach™ fans in February 2010, many of you responded and shared how you are already 'unofficial' Ambassadors.

We have selected a team of Ambassadors who will help spread fitness, wellness and the Cardio Coach™ products at their gyms, at races, through their Facebook pages, at Cardio Coach™ house parties, however and whenever they can.

Welcome to the team Ambassadors and thank you for your support!

Ambassador Alicia O. Lunenburg, Massachusetts - USA

AliciaAlicia is not only the mother of two girls, special education teacher, entrepreneur, and women's health and wellness educator, but she spends much of her time on self-improvement:

"My mission statement for myself...I want to empower, educate and inspire individuals to achieve their full potential."

In addition to recognizing the benefits of exercise and wellness, Alicia is a huge Cardio Coach™ fan:

"I believe that Sean and the Cardio Coach™ team produce workouts that nurture the soul while helping people exercise. There is an amazing feeling that I have after I finish a Cardio Coach™ workout that not only involves feeling accomplished in relation to pushing my body's limits, but also in the feeling of having nourished my belief in the power of my mind."

We are thrilled to have someone with Alicia's talents and passion joining our fantastic group of Ambassadors and the Cardio Coach™ team!


Ambassador Andrea R. Lafayette, Louisiana - USA

AndreaAndrea has been a Cardio Coach™ fan since 2005! She attributes Cardio Coach™ to helping her stay motivated and transitioning her into someone who now has "increased energy and better health, and enjoys (her) time doing cardio"! In addition to working out to Cardio Coach™, Andrea is in a band that plays traditional Cajun & Creole music, called Lâche Pas (see bottom photo), and also enjoys running, gardening, maintaining an Acadiana (arts and music) cultural information web site and mailing list, and blogging.

Andrea has reached amazing goals since August 2009, which include losing 24 pounds and running both 5Ks and 10Ks. She is planning on running her first half-marathon before she turns 60 in January 2011.

"Whenever I hear someone say they hate the treadmill, or whatever they are trying at the gym, I can't restrain myself from telling them to check out Cardio Coach™... might as well be an official Ambassador."

Ambassador Michele F. Ohio, USA

MicheleMichele has been such a huge support to Cardio Coach™ throughout the years, and especially to the new crew that came on board in the last few months. She jumped right in and 'groomed' us for the Cardio Coach™ fun!

There isn't a day that goes by that Michele isn't keeping the flame going! When a mutual friend recently noted that Michele is like the Divine Overlordess Ambassador of Cardio Coach™, we couldn't help but agree! She knows all, sees all, and can sell all!

Michele: A mischievous little sprite told me there's a sale on Cardio Coach™ workouts! WOO HOO!!! :D

And, not only is she connected with the sprites, but she has world-wide reach: "Michele, you could sell ice to the Eskimos!" -Tanya

In addition to being the ultimate 'sales' person, Michele has a way of bringing smiles to our hearts and encouraging us to be our best at all levels:

Michele: I'll be looking for YOU in the workout!! Make sure you RSVP so we can all workout "together"! :) ♥

Even when Michele is feeling a bit under the weather, she still has ways of bringing light and joy:

Well, all we can say is - Thank you Michele - you make us happy and want to do better!

Ambassador Emily A. Kingsville, TX - USA

EmilyWe first 'met' Emily when she sent us a message through Facebook in January 2010:

"About two years ago, you and Cardio Coach™ helped me to lose 30+lbs. I was finally getting active and healthy and I looked better than I have looked in a loonngggg time. However, after almost reaching my goal, I found out I was pregnant. Due to complications, my workouts stopped. after Sarah's birth, I fell into that rut some women do and did not take the time for myself. Last month, my husband set up a home gym for me (including a treadclimber and my favorite..an elliptical)!!! This evening, I returned to "Cardio Coach Land" for the first time in a long time. I felt exhilarated to be doing CC#2 and I was overjoyed that you were there with me. I just wanted to say thanks for the workouts and for the motivation that you give to me. I'll be seeing you...in Cardio Coach™ Land...."

As we ramped up the Ambassador program, we contacted Emily to see how things were going. She shared that she works out 4-5 times a week and loves visiting Cardio Coach™ Land! Her enthusiasm and commitment to wellness and balance so inspired us that we invited her to be an Ambassador. Welcome to the team Emily! Thanks for bringing others, including your hubby, to Cardio Coach™ Land.

Ambassador Jane California - USA

JaneJane was first introduced to Cardio Coach™ after attending one of Sean's spin classes in Virginia Beach. Since that time, Jane has been an 'unofficial' Ambassador for Cardio Coach™ and loves sharing the program with 'her kids'. She has taught in both the U.S. and Europe, sponsors a kids' running club, and loves inspiring our younger generations:

"I would like to continue to teach children to 'start with your heart' to help them grow and develop into intelligently active, well-rounded human beings. Anything meaningful begins with your heart.  When you care and have a passion for something this compassion can also become infectious for others."

When we asked Jane why Cardio Coach™? She responded:

"I have tried many different training, coaching and work-out programs over the last 20 years.  Cardio Coach™ is simply unique and a cut above the rest..."

Thanks Jane for what you do for our future and for helping to spread the word about Cardio Coach™

Ambassador Jennifer Z. Chicago, Illinois - USA

JenniferJennifer joins the Cardio Coach™ Ambassadors with quite a bit on her plate. In addition to being a mom of two (a 3.5 year old and 18 month old), she will soon be having twin girls (April 2010)!

According to Jennifer she was once:

"morbidly obese and completely took control of my health with the help of many doctors and the slow development of a passion for exercise. I lost over 100 pounds and gained my life back. My first "run" consisted of 30 seconds jogging, 4:30 walking for a grand total of five minutes, but I eventually progressed to running half marathons, training for triathlons and living each day as a new opportunity for success."

Jennifer is so excited to get back to working out with Cardio Coach™: "fitness is about more than just running. You have to love yourself enough to find the gift of time, and you have to do something that you really love."

Good luck Jennifer with the twins, and with your upcoming move to Denver!

Ambassador Julie S. Wilmington, Delaware - USA

JulieJulie's entrepreneurial spirit, background in sports and wellness, and fundraising abilities are impressive. She has 'made history' where she invented and developed online solicitation technology that now serves as the basis for many large non-profits to manage event fundraising using the Internet.

When she's not developing new programs and helping organizations find creative ways to build their businesses, Julie enjoys being outdoors and working out.

She began using Cardio Coach™ three years ago and shares that Cardio Coach™ is the "only program that keeps me focused, and quite honestly anxious to do the workout."

Julie contacted us about being an Ambassador after she had referred two of her friends in North Carolina who are now hooked on Cardio Coach™. They "tell me how much better they feel after their workouts now and how motivated they are because of Cardio Coach™...I can only imagine what it is like for all of you at Cardio Coach™ when you get these messages all the time." YEAH, WE LOVE IT! Thanks Julie!

Ambassador Kristina F.
Encinitas, California - USA

KristinaKristina is mom, an Emergency Medicine Physician's Assistant and is passionate about fitness. "I LOVE to workout. It clears my head and fills my body and soul with energy."

She also shares how she loves being able to do the Cardio Coach™ workouts whenever she wants and finds Sean's voice in her ear incredibly motivating.

One of her favorite aspects of the workout is the interval design. Using the Cardio Coach™ workouts, following good nutrition and meditating are also key for Kristina's wonderfully grounded energy and balanced life.


Ambassador Laura C. Green Bay, Wisconsin - USA

LauraLaura is a 38 yr old wife, mother of two, writing instructor, and woman who has discovered a new passion for exercise during the past two years. She lost more than 80 pounds through intense exercise and healthy eating, and loves supporting others in their health and fitness goals.

"My heart smiles when I accomplish something that I didn't think I could do, like run my first 5k race, do some push-ups on my toes, or make it all the way through CC Volume 8."

We asked Laura what she thought Sean's "start with your heart" philosophy meant for her and were 'wowed' by her answer:

"(It) has two meanings. Strengthening my physical heart is key to being able to do all of my workouts and daily activity better. When I began working out, I was barely able to run for a half minute, then I had to walk.  As my cardiovascular endurance improved, everything else in my body did as well. Then I was able to tackle my first 5k.

But from an emotional and mental standpoint, starting with my heart has meant finding a belief in myself. Once I began to believe in myself, and my own abilities, I started to see dramatic results. Prior to CC, I never dreamed that I could be a runner. Sean's coaching comments feel as though they were written just for me, as though he knew when I was about to slow down, or not head into the last challenge of a volume! Once my heart was into it, the rest followed!"

"Cardio Coach™ has been an integral part of my weight loss journey, and gaining a new self-confidence about my physical capabilities. I don't think I would have been nearly as successful without 'my coach' talking me through my workouts. Sometimes I honestly think he must be watching me sweat it out. Those comments like 'don't touch that console' are just too well placed! Exactly when I need them!"

Ambassador Michael M. Mahwah, New Jersey - USA

MichaelMichael first started running while in the Army back in the late 70's. He shares he's been running seriously since the late 90's when he started doing various races. Most notably he's completed four marathons, three of which were the New York City Marathon. Part of the fun he gets out of running is through his running club "Powered by Dim Sum". They run and then go eat Dim Sum!

He also enjoys adventure running and trail hiking. He just (April 2010) completed the Leatherman's Loop 10k trail race in New York which entailed crossing three cold streams (one at waist deep!) and lots of mud! Michael is also an Appalachian Mountain Club Backpack leader as well and attributes his overall race and hill conditioning to Cardio Coach™.

We asked Michael to share some of his personal goals:

"Being outdoors doing something like running or hiking, if my dog Koa is with me, all the better! I want to continue to train and run races from 5k to the marathon. I just became an AMC Backpack Leader so I would like to continue that. I am pretty set in my field, but would like to turn my passions into future professions, all dealing with the outdoors. Personally, I just want to become a better person and provide a role-model for my family."

As far as Koa: he is a four and half year old Golden Retriever who loves to hike and swim! Koa was named after a trip to Hawaii. It means "Brave and Fearless".

Michael shared:

"We practically hike every weekend and have backpacked together too, so he is my best friend for sure (not to worry my wife knows!). He is hard to run with because he loves to swim and will stop in every stream, puddle or mud hole."

Ambassador Mike B. Baghdad, Iraq

Mike"We do more before 9 a.m. than most people do all day - HOOAH"!

Well, at least for Mike, it sounds like that's true! Mike works 10-12 hours a day as a Logistics Supervisor for the U.S. Army. He also works as a sports official in basketball and football.

At 55 years young (although everyone believes he's no more than 45!), Mike is very focused on fitness and has found Cardio Coach™ really "makes me want to workout harder".

Jeff @ Cardio Coach™ has been chatting with Mike regularly, at first for support, and now as friends. Almost every week he gets an email from Mike sharing his latest Cardio Coach™ workout and how he tells others he comes in contact with how "it makes you want to do better".

Ambassador Sandra R. Edmonton, Alberta - Canada

In addition to having two young children, a Master's Degree in Sociology and teaching 10-12 times a week at her local YMCA, Sandra is training for an 100 mile cycle - the Tour de l'Alberta on July 25, 2010.

Sandra is a certified fitness instructor through Can-Fit-Pro and uses Cardio Coach™ workouts for herself and likes:

"the idea of being able to promote a product that I love and firmly believe in.  Sean's coaching is highly motivating. When I finish his workouts I always feel better about myself and my life in general.  I want other people to feel that sense of satisfaction and accomplishment."

"I already recommend Cardio Coach to people every chance I get, and have lent my Volumes 1 and 2 out countless times.  I am extremely impressed with Sean's benevolent nature.  The fact that he lowered the costs of his workouts during the recession, to ensure fitness remains affordable to everyone, was a very classy and laudable decision.  His charitable work with Jim (MacLaren's) foundation puts him in a class all of his own.  I have a very high level of respect for Sean, and it would be a privilege to promote his workouts."  

Ambassador Sandy S. Macon, Missouri - USA

Sandy SSandy first encountered Cardio Coach™ about three years ago. She shared with us on the phone how she tried a couple of workouts and then was addicted! She now owns the full set and combines them to make her own custom Cardio Coach™ workouts.

She teaches fitness and new member orientation at her local YMCA and loves helping people find health and wellness. She is an avid athlete and a member of www.half2run.com. Her goal is to complete races in at least half of the U.S. states. So far she's run in Kansas, Missouri, Arizona, Iowa and Illionis.

Sandy believes in Cardio Coach™ and loves telling everyone at the YMCA and on Facebook about her recent sessions with Sean. "You have to love what you are doing. If you have fun at it, the Cardio part is so much more enjoyable! It is so much easier to keep at it."

Her passion for health started about 20 years ago when she was 50 pounds heavier. "I know the struggles people have with weight. I keep my photos at the YMCA with me, because so many people at the YMCA say I don’t understand, and then I show them the photos and say 'yes I do'."

And, probably the most interesting thing we learned thanks to Sandy -- Dark Chocolate every day is good for you - helps boost Iron levels. WOO HOO! There will be many Cardio Coach™ fans who will be happy to read that!

Ambassador Sarah T. Highlands Ranch, Colorado - USA

SarahSarah shared a quote with us that won our hearts:

"What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other".

In addition to being a wife, daughter, sister, friend, financial analyst, and MBA student (graduating this spring!), Sarah works out to Cardio Coach™ for both the physical and mental benefits:

"I think that any change we want to make - physical or otherwise, we have to start with our hearts. And while I love what Cardio Coach does for my physical heart, there's an important component of what a good workout, especially one mixed with inspiration, does for someone's spirit and well-being."

Ambassador Shelley A. Hamilton, Ontario - CANADA

ShellyHow wonderful to have another Canadian on board as an Ambassador!

Shelley asked if she could join us and I was delayed in adding her web page and formally introducing her. It hasn't stopped her. She has already been invaluable and performing her Ambassador 'duties' without any direction or coaching from us - thank you!

In addition to juggling all the joys of parenthood, life and staying healthy, Shelley is in the process of obtaining her Can-Fit-Pro Personal Trainer Specialist certification. She is also running her first ever half marathon (the Flying Pig oink!) on May 2nd in Cincinnati with a group of other Cardio Coach™ fans.  Her ultimate goal is to have her own personal training business.

When we asked her why she wanted to be an Ambassador for Cardio Coach™ she answered:

"Cardio Coach™ workouts have helped me to achieve goals I never thought possible, improve my running, and they’re FUN at the same time.  I want to share that with people. Whenever I hear someone say they HATE running on the treadmill, or riding an exercise bike, I always tell them that I have something for them that will make the time fly and make it fun!"

Ambassador Theresa R. East Hampton, New York - USA

TheresaTheresa contacted us about becoming an Ambassador for Cardio Coach™ and our soon to be released Cardio Kids program. After talking with her and learning about her endeavors, we knew she was the perfect partner to pilot Cardio Kids.

She has just implmented a program called i-tri which will take a group of 10 girls (6-8th grade), who do not consider themselves to be athletic at all, and is training them to compete in and complete a youth triathlon this summer.

What we love about this program is that it's not just about being physically fit:

"i-tri is a community based intervention program that fosters self-respect, personal empowerment, self confidence, positive body image and healthy lifestyle choices for at-risk adolescent girls. Through the sport of Triathlon and a curriculum of physical fitness /nutrition activities, self-affirming lessons of respect, responsibility, teamwork and dedication, i-tri girls develop healthy habits & attitudes that last a lifetime."

In addition to coordinating the i-tri program, Theresa is also a Mom, wife, and a triathlete who loves using Cardio Coach™ workouts on the treadmill.

Ambassador Tom S. Chagrin Falls, Ohio - USA

TomIn 'interviewing' Tom for the Cardio Coach™ Ambassador program, we asked him "WHO ARE YOU"? His answer said it all...

Well, that sounds so easy to answer, until you have to sit down and answer it!  If you were to ask me 15 years ago that I would be sharing my enthusiasm about a fitness workout program, I would have handed you a phonebook and quickly showed you how many Tom Shaffers there are out there, “You most certainly have the wrong one!”  I am 45 years old and for 26 of those years, I was a pack a day smoker.  Throughout my youth and my teens, I was a very athletic... Once high school was over, however, participating in sports or developing any type of exercise routine never showed up on my list of priorities.  Although most of the jobs I held throughout my 20’s and early 30’s kept me in fairly decent physical shape, my lifestyle would eventually catch up.  At the age of 36, I started working in the software developing industry.  This was the first time I sat at a desk for 8 hours.  It did not take long to see the changes.  At 6’0, I had always been in the 175-190 lb weight range.  Within 2 years I hit my peak weight to this date at 240 lbs.  I had been already put on medications to treat high blood pressure and cholesterol, but the smoking continued.  At times I made efforts to quit, as walking upstairs became something that caused me to take a few extra deep breaths.  For the next few years, I struggled with this sudden change in my physical condition.  Since I never included exercise into my daily life, I had no old habits to fall back on.

My turning point was when I went to my doctor and was given the ultimatum; quit smoking within this year or find a new physician.  I have never been fired from a physician, but she was serious.  To wind this mini-autobiography up, I listened to my doctor, but more importantly, I took action.  I quit smoking in mid-March 2007.  I started working out on a treadmill.  Within a matter of days, a friend approached me with a couple of cds that he said was helping him incredibly.  He said, even if you don’t want to use it for the working out, just pop this one into your cd player and listen to the music, the music itself is great to just listen to.  My friend had given me Cardio Coach™ Vol 1, both the workout and the instrumental versions.  There have been a handful of big turning points in my life, this was one of those.  I am not a self-motivator, or I have not been one since my teenage swimming days.  I don’t know if I would have kept up with the workout routines if I didn’t find Cardio Coach.  I get excited about listening to the music.  The excitement gets me onto the treadmill.  Sean has the gift to keep me on the treadmill when I would normally say “I’m done!”

After reading this over, I think this describes who I am quite well!

Ambassador Tricia R. Providence, Rhode Island - USA

TriciaTricia has been a wonderful support to the Cardio Coach™ family and is an inspiration to us! She is 48 years young and prides herself on operating outside of her comfort zone. In the past year, she last 30 pounds and has reached her goal weight. "I have finally found the formula for staying healthy and fit for the rest of my life! Every day that passes makes me feel more invincible - like I can do anything!"

In addition to being a paralegal, Tricia enjoys singing, studying the night sky and physics, and running.

When Tricia started running in the summer of 2009 she was introduced to Cardio Coach™ by a friend. Since using Cardio Coach™ she can run three miles without struggling to breathe!

"My favorite parts of Cardio Coach™ are the visualizations Sean uses once in a while!  I can really see myself in the settings he lays out and it makes it so that the time flies by!"